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Let’s admit that ‘summertime sadness’ is mostly about the heat waves hitting us hard and extracting all that energy. From sweaty faces to smelling tees, summers make us face some of the worse scenarios. Find the Summer food items to beat the summer heat.

While air conditioners at home and work can keep our bodies fresh during this time, we have to think about our internal health too. An easy way to stay cool is by adding some easy-to-find food that helps you beat the summer heat.

Check out the list to know what you have to add to your cart, next time you hit the supermarket:


If you’re trying to look for the brighter side of summers, you have to acknowledge the abundance of fruit. From mangoes to melons, there are plenty of tasty treats you ought to try.

Watermelons contain 91.45% of water and give your body the hydration and nourishment it needs. It comes with a high level of antioxidants and gives your stomach a cooling effect.

To relish watermelons in the best way, chop them into pieces and add them to your fruit salad. You can also make smoothies or juices and have them for breakfast.


Cucumbers are another hydrating element that you can add to your recipes in plenty of ways. People who are looking forward to losing weight must add cucumbers as they’re healthy and have the lowest calorie count possible.

Cucumbers have fiber and keep constipation at bay. You can add these crunchy delights to sandwiches, salads, and even make cucumber soup.


Curd leaves a cooling effect on our body,and it comes in several variants. While raw and unsweetened curd is healthy, you can turn it into spicy buttermilk or add sugar/honey to it.

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Many brands sell flavored curds like mango curd and strawberry curd that you can try. You can also add sprouts, cucumber, and tomatoes to it to make a perfect raita recipe.

Curds can brighten up your smoothies even if you usually add milk to it. Just add 200 gm of curd with chopped mangoes and blend them in a mixer – you’d have the perfect smoothie right there! You can try the same with grapes, bananas, sapota, dragon fruit, and more fruits.

Coconut water

You can’t stop counting on the goodness of coconut – there are just too many to list. The best part about coconut is that you get them all year round. We need coconut mostly during summers, and they’re one of the best coolers for our stomach.

If you make it a point to drink coconut water in an empty stomach, it can give you hydration for the rest of the day. It is packed with the right amount of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

The cooling properties in coconut water help you fight the summer heat. You can even prevent cancer cells from building up if you have coconut water every day.


Mint in an inexpensive herb that you’d readily find in any vegetable market. You can add it to curd or raita to blend summer treats together.

Indian households know the essence of mint chutney, and you’ve definitely tried them with evening snacks. While the fried food you have it with can react on your stomach during the summers, the mint leaves you with a refreshing effect.

You should instead add mint, lemon, and cucumber with water to make yourself a detox water recipe. Refrigerate it and sip it through the day to keep yourself calm.


Onions have amazing cooling properties, and you get the most of it when you have it raw. Even though it makes your mouth smell bad, it keeps your stomach happy.

Add onions to recipes like curries, raita, and vegetables. The red ones have a high content of quercetin that works like an anti-allergen. Adding them to your daily diet will also protect you from summer sunstroke.

Lime water

You can alternate coconut water with lime water and have it every morning. It not only keeps you fresh during summers but also helps you lose those extra kilos.

Lime water

Simply add one lime extract to lukewarm water and add a pinch of cumin powder to it. Lime helps you stay refreshed and chill all through the day. You must make it a point to have it in an empty stomach for best effect.


Since you don’t get spinach during the summers, you must add other leafy greens to your diet. Broccoli and celery are two of the best options that you’d get.

Simply add one lime extract to lukewarm water and add a pinch of cumin powder to it. Lime helps you stay refreshed and chill all through the day. You must make it a point to have it in an empty stomach for best effect.

Celery has 95% of water contentto keep you going in this heat. It has sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus to give you the daily dose of nutrients you need.

Final thoughts

The list above not only adds the best of summer foods that you must have but helps you alter your diet chart. All of these will help you maintain a healthy diet and cope up with summer heat.

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