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As the thermometer is reaching the high 30s and early 40s in most parts of the country, not only you but your furry four-legged friends are feeling the intense heat too. Just like us, they too feel extremely uncomfortable in this hot and humid weather. Not all dog breeds are viable for our tropical country. There are certain tell-tale features of dogs which are suitable for such warm climates. Some of them have been described below:

  • A single coat of short hair. Multi-coated breeds or dogs with longer hair are used to keep their bodies warm in cold climates.
  • Lean bodied dogs, which have more skin compared to its weight can keep themselves cooler.
  • They have big ears so that they can give off heat easily and keep themselves cooler.
  • Light coat colour can also effectively absorb less heat from the torturous sun.

Keeping these features in mind the following mutts are more agreeable to a warm and humid climate.

  • Labradors: Who can deny these lovable, cute and over-enthusiastic balls of fur? They need a good diet and plenty of exercises to be active and fit. They do not have high-maintenance cost and easily adapt to different environments.
  • German Shepherd: One of the most easily available and best dog breeds in India, German Shepherds are intelligent, alert and courageous dogs. They are mid-sized dogs, with good adaptive abilities and can serve as good security for your home. They are usually low maintenance.
Best dog breeds
  • Dalmatians: Thy are healthy and energetic dogs. They are pretty well-suited for warmer climates. Their short coats, lanky build, long muzzles and big ears give them good adaptive ability towards a humid climate.
Best dog breeds
  • Pugs: Their small body size and an absence of thick coat make them a good fit for Kolkata. Pugs are small in size, affectionate and their eyes speak ounces about their innocence. They make ideal pets for modern Indian households especially for families living in small apartments and one of the best dog breeds in India.

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Best dog breeds
  • Beagle: Another breed of dogs that thrive in hot weather. They are usually friendly,obedient,playful and usually very curious little creatures.
  • Great Danes: Originally from Germany these dogs adore the heat. They have no problem in adapting to the warm and humid conditions. Their sizes are a bit bigger as they are usually tall. They are often lazy and rue for attention.
Best dog breeds
  • Indian Spitz: They are a lovable bunch, with minimal grooming and maintenance they can fit into any small family. They are playful and due to their small size can get along in a warm climate.

Tips to keep your pet cool in this hot weather:

  • Keep them well hydrated at all times.
  • Take them for a walk early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Keep them active but if possible in shade.
  • Avoid long walks on hot asphalt.
  • Do not shave off their coat of hair, as it protects them from the harmful radiations of the sun.

If in any doubt you can always adopt the Indian pariah dog — the stray dogs in your locality. They are extremely adaptable and require low maintenance, but do make sure to vaccinate them. Give them a home as they deserve more than being ignored.

Whichever breed you decide to adopt, it is absolutely necessary that you consider the fact that they are going to be a part of your family and you need to treat them as such.They do need minimal grooming,a balanced meal, exercise and a lot of warmth from the family. Our furry little friends need just as much care as we do if not more!

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