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One of the main factors of changing summer fashion trends is climate change. The global climatic change is affecting every aspect of our life. Being one of the most integral parts, fashion requires a similar consideration. Observing the significant changes in the fashion industry last decade, it is essential to mention that the very nature and essence of fashion have shifted 180 degrees. The word fashion involves no aspects of rules, it’s nothing but the muse of the designers based on their fantasies and preferences of themes. “Fashion is about surprise, suspense, and fantasy and it’s definitely about rules,” says popular German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop.


Fabrics of choice

Summer is one of the paramount seasons when colour and variation of style in this industry are more visible. In order to keep the skin off from itching and rashes, designers in the recent context prefer fabrics that are light and smooth in texture. Cotton is the most preferable fabric of the summer fashion which provides people with flair in their dresses and also makes them more comforting to wear.


India, for its tropical country, experiences heat more intensely, however, the budding designers are not ready to give up setting unique fashion trends irrespective of the heat and the rising temperature.

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Stay minimalist: Embrace your comfort

Summer is all about heat and sweat. Designers in this summer suggest sticking to clothes like skirts and capes which help the body to breathe and not feel too itchy. Tight-fit clothes are an absolute no in this season as it might lead to rashes and infections for the high temperature and humidity. Fabrics such as khadi, cotton or Swiss cotton are mostly preferred.


Playing with colours

Summer season is all about brightness and, thus, to reflect the brightness in your personality, designers have specified certain colours and patterns that would help you to beat the heat and still remain fashionable in all sense. Draping yourself with bright psychedelic or floral and even abstract pattern skirts with eggshell white t-shirts and tops can be a peaceful combination. In fact, anti-fit jeans with off white tops or asymmetrical cape with fringes are also a great combination.

Fringes these days are one of the most preferred styles, which is used to drape your body with anything be it crop tops, capes and even dresses or skirts.


Play it simple, yet become gorgeous

This season is one of the best times of the year to show off some of your beautiful skin. Hence, it is not a surprise that cotton laces are an all-time favorite for women. In fact, a solid one color laced clothing has become a daily mate of women these days. Teaming up with off shoulder white lace tops and denim will definitely make you a diva instantly.


Off shoulders, crop cape tops and shorts can be the best combination this summer. Considering the career and professional approach, choosing the right fabric and the fit of the formal dress are very important. Skirts with a loose cotton shirt can be your saviour this summer.

Hence, being a bit updated with the new summer fashion trends, prioritising your comforts and accepting your own quirks can actually help you to be fashionable against the fury of the sun. So now you can embrace the summer breeze with confidence and hands wide open !

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