independence 2687114 1280
independence 2687114 1280

India just celebrated its 73rd independence day 2020 on August 15. While the day is marked as a national and gazetted holiday throughout the country, there was no end to creativity flowing out from Instagram users as they took out time to imbibe the spirit of freedom in their creations.

Photographers are always in search of sparks which ignite their creativity that everyone enjoys. With the addition of 73rd independence day 2020 coinciding with Rakhi Purnima, Instagram photographers took no time to use this opportunity to capture some eye-catchy content.

  • @freezethesecond1

With the tricolor dupatta and unique perspective, photographer Abhilash Kumar took this photo in the foggy forts of Jaipur. Perfect use of leading lines is prominent in this picture. What could possibly go wrong with foggy mornings, old forts and unique perspectives?

  • @vjphotography_4u

Vijay Ojha, the creator of this ‘eye-catchy’ photograph can be seen using the Holi colours representing the Indian flag with the eye depicting the Ashoka Chakra. To top that off, this was captured on a mobile camera on the eve of 73rd independence day 2020.

  • @jeet_1

Light-painting is another creative way to capture moments. Long exposure photos are quite tricky shots to nail, however, the photographer Jeet Gandhi did a phenomenal job in even nailing the sharpness of the photo. One movement and the whole photo would have ended up in disaster as it would have been a blurred one.

  • @jeeteraho

The fluttering Indian flag, the warm sunset, the Ashoka Chakra reflection on the phone’s screen (or Photoshop) and the unique perspective just gives an aura of peace and tranquility. All the elements combined give us a photograph worth sharing. Jitendra Singh, the creator of this content, has some more 73rd independence day 2020 offerings that are worth a watch.

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  • @_miraclelens

What is better than a creative photograph than a video accompanying it showing you a step-by-step way of getting that perfect capture. Chinmay Sankhe shows us that you do not need some high-end props to get pictures in a drop.

  • @cupcakeree

Food photography with a theme is always so much better than just a normal one and what a better way to end this listicle than a picture of tricolour kulfis. Reethika Singh’s mouth-watering popsicle is a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

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