#AsliSonaArrested is yet another example of how trends on Twitter can be used for promotional gimmicks. The hashtag started trending on micro-blogging site on Tuesday afternoon when a video of actress Sonakshi Sinha wearing handcuffs went viral.

In the ten-second video, Sonakshi’s face was clearly not visible as the focus seems to be on the handcuffs. The Dabangg actress screams in the video saying: “You can’t arrest me like this. Do you know who I am? I have not done anything. How can you arrest me like that?”

Take a look at the video:

The hashtag obviously took Twitter up by storm as many fans took to social media to voice out their concern.

Sonakshi later shared an Instagram story confirming that it was indeed her in the video and shared this:

Smells like a promotional gimmick? Yes, it was. A few hours prior to this, she shared a video on her Twitter handle with the following caption: “So #aslisonaarrested is true but only because it’s a crime to look this good!!!….”

So her crime was that she is the new face of ‘camera-ready’ My Glamm make up’s new product line, POSE. Here is the post with the video:

Twitter however, is not done with the trend. Memes with #AsliSonaArrested is starting to do its rounds in the microblogging site and here are a few of them.

So, guys, take a chill pill and do not get your pressure up with this already sweltering summer heat. Sonakshi is just fine and she is in only that much trouble as much as me saying “It’s a crime to look this handsome.”

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