FaceApp Know About the App People are Using to Age Themselves
FaceApp Know About the App People are Using to Age Themselves

Netizens are going haywire with the new fad that has taken all the social media platforms by storm. If you do not know what I am talking about then you must have definitely seen the so-called ‘old’ avatars of your favourite celebs and your friends popping up on your timeline. Thats none other than Face App.

This seemingly time-altering magic is done by an application which goes by the name, ‘Face App.’ This is an AI (artificial intelligence)-based software which makes the user look older or younger (depending on your preference) to get those likes in your profile.

Apparently, according to Newsweek, this face app first went viral back in 2017 and with newer updates, by making the picture look more realistic this app went viral again.

Available in iTunes app store and Android, the app was developed by a small team based in Saint Petersburg, Russia with Yaroslav Goncharov as its CEO. Being so popular across the globe this app has already stirred up some controversies. Its privacy policy stated that it collects the picture that the user uploads to its service.

A web developer Joshua Nozzi took to Twitter to voice out his concerns regarding the app. “Be careful with FaceApp. It immediately uploads your photos without asking whether you chose one or not,” he tweeted on July 16.

And to make matters worse, Charles Ellis Schumer (American politician serving as the senior United States Senator from New York), voiced his concerns regarding the app on Twitter tagging both the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to look into this matter.

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However, according to TechCrunch, although the application began in Russia, it is now using Google and Amazon-owned servers in the United States. As for the issue of where the photos are stored, a French security researcher who goes by the pseudonym Elliot Alderson stated that FaceApp only stores those photos that are uploaded by the user, and not all the photo are stored in the user’s phone.

The company itself said, “We don’t sell or share any user data with any third parties. Most images are deleted from our servers within 48 hours from the upload date.”

Despite the cautions and the controversies surrounding this app, it is going viral by the minute giving us the much needed comic relief. Here are a few of them

  • Diplo ‘felt cute’ about this picture, you be the judge
  • The Jonas Brothers also followed suit
  • Gordon Ramsay has high hopes till Season 50 of Master Chef
  • Jade will still be slaying in her 50s
  • Is it just me or even you get some grandma vibes from her
  • Varun Dhawan still intends to work with Reebok India at the age of 70
  • Now that’s some serious grandpa vibes from Arjun Kapoor

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