stranger things 3 dark ending
stranger things 3 dark ending

It’s only been a couple of days that Netflix dropped Stranger Things’ Season 3, but being loyal fans, most of us have probably binge-watched it on the first day itself. If not, we would probably advise you to watch the series before getting the entirety of it spoiled for you.

Now, with a series that has garnered so many laurels, it is bound to garner a few memes of its own. ‘Upside Down’ is still uncharted territory and who knows if the inspiration of some memes actually comes from there telepathically, one may never know.

  • A theme song that triggers all
  • Steve Harrington, mother of six?
  • The question that is in all our minds
  • #Justiceforbarb
  • Conspiracy theories for Season 4, anyone?
  • ‘Do they Hopper?’
  • Will someone just let Will play some D&D?
  • Will is in desperate need of a time out, or at least we think he does…
  • ‘Are you okay?’ Let me ‘Do I look okay’

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