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Who doesn’t love pets? For most, they are a part of everyday lives. They bring joy, provide companionship and teach humility and responsibility. Pets are like an ultimate source of happiness.

However, if one were to go by recent trends on Instagram, pets are now becoming a source of income too, provided one is willing to put enough time and effort to create memories with them.

Move over humans, welcome to the world of ‘pet influencers’. Pawsome, isn’t it? Some of these furry faces are so famous that they even outperform some of the human influencers. No wonder they are now being clamoured by brands for sponsored posts and ads, garnering earnings ranging from $250 to $16,000 for a single post depending on the follower count.

Brands that are using pet influencers are not only limited to pet food companies. Fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and Vogue, auto majors such as Fiat and Mercedes-Benz, beer companies like Two Hats, Google and 20th Century Fox, among others, are also making a beeline to cash in on the trend.

The trend has reached such an extent that various pet management firms are sprouting up. Their job is to facilitate business deals between brands and the pet owners. One such example is ‘The Dog Agency’, a New York City-based firm led by Loni Edwards. It manages pets ranging from cats and dogs to monkeys, hedgehogs, squirrels, foxes, and possums as well.

However, it’s not as simple as snapping a picture and sharing it on Instagram. It’s difficult to make pets pose, for they might not understand the directions as much as humans can. Moreover, one needs to be extremely creative with the kind of content.

Dressing up their pets and making them pose in eye-catchy locations also require investment in terms of both time and money. They also cannot work for long hours for they tend to tire easily and on top of that, you need to give your full attention to create content which is enough to rake in followers and likes as well.

The owner of Bodhi, a striking Shibu Inu which goes by the name of Menswear Dog, once worked for Ralph Lauren herself but had to quit her job to give more focus on the content of her pet dog.

Most pets have a shorter lifespan and hence the fame and money also last for a short span of time as well. Lastly, the amount of money raked in will always be dependent on the number of followers the pet has on its Instagram account.

Even after all the barriers, the community has blossomed. Let us venture into the Instagram accounts of a few such pet influencers:

  • @nala_cat – 4.1m followers

This Siamese and Tabby mix is an ambassador for CbdMD and Halopets and is also the Guinness World Record holder for the ‘most popular cat’ on Instagram. She is also a member of the Wayfair Pet Squad. Google, Uber, PetSmart, and Purina are few brands that Nala has partnered with.

  • @itsdougthepug – 3.8m followers

Also known as the most famous pug in the world, Doug has partnered with Mercedes-Benz and Claire’s. He is also known for the pug-themed home video spoof, most recently “Stranger Pugs” and has also won a Shorty award for ‘Instagrammer of the Year.’ Doug’s net worth is over $500,000 which is more than that of Nicolas Cage. He also sells his merch and manages his YouTube channel as well.

  • @realdiddykong – 1m followers

The most famous monkeys of the world Diddy and Yeti king have recently partnered with businesses like Two Hats Beer Company and The Klique App. After posting a shower video of the two monkeys, their Instagram blew up to epic proportions. That video was shared by UNILAD as well.

  • @mensweardog – 374k followers

Bodhi is probably the most fashionable dog in the net as of now. This Shiba Inu was featured in GQ, Times Magazine and New York Times. Users follow this dog for the latest trends in both human and dog fashion. He has also launched his own Mensweardog clothing line.

  • @atticusthehedgie – 105k followers

This hedgehog living in New York has represented makeup brand Glossier and jewellery brand Jezie and has also posed in advertisements for Stainmaster carpets and Olympus cameras.

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