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Hello to all the readers! Since you stopped in this article, I am guessing you would like to know more about the trend that’s been going on now, fat loss. Everyone is obsessed with their weight and work their way out in trying to lose it. Be it in gyms, aerobics or through yoga, weight loss is the most overrated thing in the universe. However, weight loss also has many myths and facts surrounding it.

Before we begin, always remember it’s never too late to start anything.  And why not collect the compliments, after all everyone likes it to be called fit and healthy. Also let me tell you a secret: ‘IT’S NOT THAT HARD’. All you need to know is the proper knowledge about how to start and what to do.

There are bundles of articles about weight loss and diet but what will help you the most is to know your body type and to follow the diet and exercise according to it. The most important thing to be considered when it comes to fat loss and weight management is identifying your daily calorie requirement.

Without a doubt, a good workout regimen is crucial to lose some extra fat and to get the look which you have always dreamt of. But no matter how good and intense your workout is, if you fail in your diet there’s no chance of you being anywhere close to your desired goal.

Creating an imbalance between your calorie/energy intake and energy expenditure is the only way to make your body call on body fat for stored energy. So, essentially, the most basic fat loss principle is to consume less energy, in the form of calories from food, than you expend.

Honestly, FAT LOSS is no ‘ROCKET SCIENCE’, it is the internet which is making it complicated. Just type ‘FAT LOSS DIET’ and you’ll be baffled how much the internet has to offer to you. I’m not saying that the information you get over the internet is always the bad stuff. The real problem with all those diets and so-called trends is identifying which one to follow and which diet will actually work best for you without doing any harm to your body. If you are new to this and you really want to lose the extra fat this summer, there are few things which you should be considering.

Focus on Sustainability:

Most diets are too restrictive to be sustainable in the long term. When you first begin a diet, you might feel motivated and focused. But, after a week of eating nothing but chicken and eggs or no carbs or fat free foods, you will be sick of your diet.

This is completely normal. That’s because restricting yourself of the foods you really want is not sustainable. A diet has to be something that you can follow for a long time, for fat loss and weight maintenance. It should not be something you follow for a week as a quick fix. That’s why one of the most important, basic fat loss principles is to make sure that the diet plan you follow is flexible enough to be sustainable.

Focus on Macronutrients:

Keep your focus on macros (protein, carbohydrate and fat) rather than restricting foods from your diet. You don’t have to cut out carbs and you don’t have to cut out fat. In fact, you don’t have to cut out anything at all, as long as it fits your macros. But remember consuming a diet full of junk food which fits your macros will do no good to your body.

Eat Clean:

Eating clean should always be prioritised when it comes to fat loss. The focus should always be on eating whole food, lean protein source and some good quality carbohydrate and fats to keep the engine running. However, once you are covered in terms of nutrients by eating clean foods, it’s okay to consume some “cheat” or “bad” foods, as long as it’s in moderation.

Don’t Restrict Yourself Too Much:

Too much of anything is always bad for you and it is OK to have a cheat meal once or twice in a month and shouldn’t feel guilty about it. One very interesting thing here I’d like to mention is that by allowing yourself to eat something which you sometime crave for, rather than restricting yourself, you won’t feel the urge to binge.

Make small and realistic goals: 

The key to setting realistic goals is to make smaller goals. So, if you have a big fat loss goal, break it down into smaller, more realistic goals. For example, if your body fat is 25% and you want to get it to 8%, then don’t make 8% your first goal. Instead, break it down. Make a goal to get your body fat down to 18%, then 11% and so on. If your goal is to lose 10 kg, then break that down into smaller goals. Set a goal to lose 3 kg and then once you lose that, set another goal.

By setting smaller goals, you’ll see results quicker, so you’ll feel like you are progressing more. This keeps you motivated and gives you a sense of achievement. Another important thing that I would like to mention here is do not fall for everything you see over the internet. One such diet which has been very popular lately is the detox diet, but the real question is are they really helpful when it comes to weight management.

Also, the market is full of fat loss supplements, which are way more harmful to your body rather than doing any good.

What actually works?

Green Tea:

According to a number of studies, green tea can aid to fat loss. Green tea contains compounds called catechins, which have benefits on lipid oxidation and fat-burning. The polyphenols found in green tea, combined with caffeine, improve weight maintenance.

An important point while discussing the benefits of green tea is the source of green tea. Most studies who did not find all the benefits of green tea actually has bleached tea bags. If your packet comes in white packs throw them out! Those have been treated with chlorine to make them paper white.

It is a great anti-inflammatory with cancer-fighting properties.


Caffeine is one of the most studied products and it has been found that using caffeine in a diet can actually aid to improved performance and fat loss. According to one study by Yoshida T, et al, for 30 minutes after taking an oral dose of caffeine, obese women saw a metabolic spike. When combined with a calorie-restricted diet, this spike reduced bodyweight. Some studies also suggest that caffeine could also supress appetite making it an efficient ingredient for fat loss. Caffeine is also an excellent compound for improving performance during exercise that’s the reason why you find caffeine in almost all the pre-workout supplements available in the market.

Green Coffee Extract:

Green Coffee Extract is derived from coffee beans that aren’t roasted. It contains a much higher level of a compound known as chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid can promote weight loss.

The author is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), American College of Sports Medicine.

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