“Life is too short to wear boring clothes,” a line which perfectly justifies Pompy Medhi, the fashion enthusiast an also an Instagram influencer from Majuli in Assam.

Hailing from the largest river island of the world, Pompy Medhi who is an Instagram influencer is expert in designing and stitching affordable, trendy and fashion-forward clothes. With over 11,000 followers on her Instagram handle, @majulir_ejoni_suali (a handle that rightfully describes her) is well on her way to rewrite fashion and the way the world views it.

“No, I never tried to be an Instagram influencer and my intention is not to limit myself only to Instagram said Pompy Medhi. When people say they are inspired or influenced by my work, I feel overwhelmed and that’s a part of my inspiration,” says the 23-year-old alumna of Tezpur University in Assam.

Instagram influencer Pompy Medhi is a graduate in mechanical engineering and will soon join OIL as a senior engineer.

Pompy thanks Instagram, as it gave her the much-needed exposure which boosted her confidence to mention her name as the designer of her creations. “Instagram is, no doubt, one of the best platforms to showcase your work but some people do end up misusing it,” she says. However, the culturally rich atmosphere of Majuli also helped her in creating her own niche of designs. “This place gives the vibe of doing something great and unique. It teaches you to be self-sufficient, creative and independent and to follow your heart,” she adds.

Instagram influencer

Looking back to the first time she ever designed clothes, she says it all happened when she was in middle school and was training in classical dance to perform on stage. “My Parents always took me to several dance competitions. In school, the teachers made me dance in every school programme. So I always looked for the perfect dance costumes which were not possible to get readymade in Majuli,” she says.

It was during such times that Pompy and her mother started design and stitching clothes and even got appreciated for it. “Later on, after experimenting several times I made myself capable enough of stitching my own school uniforms, which my principal sir and teachers got to know about  and praised me at a school function. Then I started working on my dance costumes as well as my daily wear too,” says Instagram influencer Pompy Medhi.

However, it was in 2015 after enrolling in Tezpur University that her real journey in fashion started. Her desire to turn heads on every occasion pushed her creative potential to the extreme.

Trendy designs are not the only thing Pompy is known for, the low costs of her creation make it even more appealing. Tops for Rs 35, jumpsuits for Rs 120, lehengas for Rs 200, etc, are among a few of her ‘head-turning’ creations. When asked about the secret behind it, she says, “Actually, when I go to buy clothing materials, I look for two things, the price and the print. So, optimising both, I buy the material and stitch it, I don’t compromise.”

Pompy defines her style as ‘something very common yet unique enough to stand out’ and that goes with her personality. “For me, comfort and style go hand in hand and one should never compromise with them,” she says.

According to her, it’s the nature, colours, emotions, graphics and her urge to reflect it through her outfits that forms the inspirational base for her creations. “I do not have any particular names in my mind at present cause every designer has their own type of design and what I want in my closet is variety, different styles from different designers, collections going with my body type and personality,” Instagram influencer Pompi Medhi adds.

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Instagram influencer

Did Pompy ever face the creative rut? If yes how did she overcome it? “Yes, it is inevitable and everyone faces it at least once in their lifetime. What I’ve learned is that the best way to overcome it is to sit alone and talk to yourself, make yourself realise your capabilities, think about what would happen if you don’t come out of this rut soon,” she says.

Being well-versed with the happenings of Instagram, she cautions other influencers. “Well, what I see nowadays are people are trying to copy others forgetting who they really are, what are their capabilities or in which field they are good at. They give themselves the tag of being an ‘influencer’ when they themselves are getting influenced,” she says.

“Don’t call yourself an influencer, let others call you that. Where you need to focus is that work more on yourself and your creativity, with your own style. Try to be unique, give your own touch to whatever you do, try to stand out, and in the process never ever lose yourself,” she says.

Some people face insecurity problems while doing Instagram and that’s because they are following the wrong accounts, Pompy says. “Be selective of the content you consume and be limited with the time you decide to spend using the platform. It’s a good place to get wide exposure and get motivated if you know the right way to use it,” she adds.

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