International Yoga Day 2021: Best messages and wishes to share

Yoga is a way of life and it is a gift to the world from India. Ever since Narendra Modi became India’s Prime Minister in 2014, promoting yoga for a healthy life has been on his personal agenda. The world has been following India’s footsteps in celebrating June 21 as World Yoga Day every year and this has promoted joy in the world like never before. So, bring out the yogi in you and get immersed into the vibes today. Happy International Yoga Day.

yoga for a healthy life

Yoga for a healthy life has been promoted by the NDA government in a very formal way. The Union ministry of Ayush was founded in 2014 to deliver the targets in this direction. Ever since its inception, the ministry has been successfully holding yogic awareness camps all over the world. This year marks the 5th International Yoga Day, which is expected to be followed with great fervour across the world. The idea behind the celebration of this day is very simple; to promote the ancient Indian yogic culture which is the need of the hour.

Yoga is a way of life and it is not just a fad. People from all over the world have been religiously following the yogic practices to stay healthy and healthy life in the best of the shape. Yoga is simple, it does not involve any sophisticated equipment and not confined to the physical level. As compared to other physical exercises, yoga involves the brain and it calms the senses, resulting in complete rejuvenation. This is the need of the hour in today’s stressed lifestyle. International Yoga Day means the celebration of the very essence of yoga, and yoga for a healthy life wherever you are.

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International Yoga Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm across all the government bodies, PSUs and state level bodies across the world. In most government offices, where it is a working day, there are designated personnel who arrange and organise for the event. The complete office staff spends a substantial time in yoga practices during the morning hours of the day. After performing the pranayamas, the normal work day begins. The idea is to refresh our senses and commit towards a healthier way of life during busy work routines.

Every year, the International Yoga Day is followed with a particular theme. This year, the 5th International Yoga Day is being celebrated with the governing theme of “Climate Action’. The theme is aimed at how yoga can influence in solving the problem pertaining to climate change. The theme involves reverence and respect towards mother nature and how important it is for humans. The theme invokes the idea of conservatism towards the natural resources and the gifts of nature. It is aimed to influence people of the world community to act responsibly towards natural resources in order to build a better future.

Within a few years, International Yoga Day has influenced vast majority of people and it is not confined to a particular class or segment of people. World-renowned celebrities and public figures participate in the events that are organised across the world and do their bit towards promoting good health. Social media like Facebook and Instagram are abuzz with pictures and videos of renowned figures performing yoga asanas. It is great way to promote the idea of healthy living among the followers of such celebrities and it gives a chance to flash the best yoga attire for the day.

yoga for a healthy life

So, what are you waiting for? Get into your yoga pants, grab the yoga mat and let’s yoga!

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