Reading as a habit in kids not only helps them to learn things but also widen their minds and encourage them to explore information more about anything. When kids turn 10, they experience physical as well as emotional changes. During this time, they are ready to read higher level books which keep them engaged for a longer time.

Their reading habit improves gradually and their mind opens up to newer thoughts. We bring to you a collection of seven books which are helpful and informative for 10-year-old kids. These books range from adventure to fiction and non-fiction books. Since, kids can now independently choose the books which they like, they can choose from the following:

Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe

Written by Dara O’Brian, this book is an interesting read for kids. A comedian himself, Dara O’Brian gives a hilarious take on the journey from earth to the solar system and beyond. The book is full of amazing facts related to the universe which your kid may be eager to know. With witty illustrations it keeps the reader engrossed in the book. If your kid is someone who gets fascinated towards space adventures, this book is a must-read. Questions related to space like ‘what might be in a black hole?’ are answered in a hilarious way to avoid boredom.

The Chronicles of Narnia

This fantasy-based series is a classic book for your kid. Written by CS Lewis, it is considered as one of the best series written. The story revolves around all sorts of fantastical beasts, magnificent lion and various enchanting creatures. The series is filled with action-packed stories. It is definitely a captivating book as readers are taken into a world where magic and reality come together.


Wonder is an inspiring story about an ordinary boy, Auggie Pullman who has an extraordinary face. Being a #1 New York Times bestseller, this book has garnered a massive fan following. Author RJ Palacio has nicely shown how kindness can overcome bullying. Character Auggie has to go through a difficult phase when he enters school for the first time. However, it is his inner strength which makes the wonder.

The One and Only Ivan

Renowned author Katherine Applegate has written this unforgettable novel, based on a true story of a gorilla named Ivan. The amazing part is that the story is narrated by the gorilla itself who was captive for 27 years. Any kid would love to read such a narrative. From friendship to love and compassion, the book features everything.

The Black Stallion

This is an exciting story of a young boy Alec Ramsay, who while traveling in a ship meets a wild stallion. It is a bestselling novel by Walter Farley, where the friendship of a boy and a horse is shown in an excellent manner. Kids will get fascinated by the adventure of both of them and their eventual rescue.

Snow & Rose

Kids love fairy tales and fantasy and so, this book by Emily Winfield Martin is the best fit for them. It is the story of two sisters, Snow and Rose, whose father disappeared in woods. Although unusual, the characters are relatable, which would make kids more hooked to the book.

The Explorer

Katherine Rundell brings in an exciting novel for kids which is a modern classic adventure. It is a survival story of a group of kids who get lost in Amazon rainforest after their plane crashes.

Reading these books at this age will definitely build good thoughts among kids. They will try to enhance their knowledge and vocabulary while reading different kinds of book. Let your kids explore the world of imagination and add more collection to their library.

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