16th june india vs pakistan 1200
16th june india vs pakistan 1200

Type the word ‘meme’ in your Google search today and the first things that show up are humorous interpretations of the high-voltage ICC Cricket World Cup match between India and Pakistan that was played at the Old Trafford in Manchester on Sunday.

India may have won the much-anticipated game by 89 runs, but social media  enthusiasts were working overtime to come out with some delightful memes and unleash their creativity. Here are a few of them:

1. ‘Baap baap hota hai…’

2. Mumbai Police was not far behind with its own version of meme + safety signals:

Let us also not forget to give special reference to the guy who took out the time to remind Mumbai Police to check the driving licences of teen drivers and permits of autorickshaws.

3. Some lines were crossed featuring Mohammad Amir:

4. It seems some Pak fans were not satisfied with the outcome:

5. A meme that needs no additional explanation:

6. Another self-explanatory meme:

7. An iconic ‘meme face’ made a revival on Sunday:

8. Not a meme but is worth mentioning anyway:

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