adidas Yeezy Brand 3
adidas Yeezy Brand 3

Rihanna’s ‘Fenti’ backed by the LVMH, a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate, is setting the world of music-fashion to yet another frenzy. Rihanna is a well-established name in the global music industry; she has a line of makeup, one of lingerie, has also showcased on the New York Fashion Week and like a cherry atop a cake, has been the co-chair for the Met Gala as well.

Now when you look at all of her ventures till now, putting her name behind an actual clothing brand seemed to be the only obvious move for the star. Moreover, Rihanna is the first woman of colour to have created an original brand with luxury conglomerate. Fenty Fashion additionally happens to be the first new house LVMH has made since Christian Lacroix, which was propelled in 1987.

The amalgamation between fashion and celebs is ordinary news, to the point that the flimsy red line between the two parts is becoming increasingly thinner. The number of coordinated efforts between style brands and artists is so much, that it’s difficult to stay aware of all new partnerships that are launched.

Let’s track back to the past when Victoria Beckham launched her namesake clothing label in 2008. “The little black Gucci dress” Spice girl after the underlying clear looks of doubt from style insiders has had the option to construct a strong and respectable career as a fashion designer and today a standout amongst the most dominant names of New York Fashion Week.

Let’s also not forget to mention the name of Kanye West who is a controversial figure none the less but him launching a fashion line Yeezy in 2014 has met with critical responses from various big names of the fashion industry as well. The garments were relatively well ahead of their time, yet it’s sheltered to state that his moderate ‘athleisure’ aesthetic has indeed caught on.

“Fashion is instant language,” said Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada, and who can talk fashion better than celebs do? Forever in the glare of the public and in a constant chance of being critiqued by the media, they can never have a bad hair day. Their team of stylists is in constant pressure to make them look as ideal fashion icons ready to be photographed at any moment. Those celebs own personal style is copied by us fans and this creates avenues for them to actually launch a fashion brand as a whole.

Let alone the west, even in India, who amidst us has not tried to copy Virat Kohli’s look or tried to look similar to Deepika Padukone by imbibing her style? These A-listers of the Indian entertainment industry has also started to open up their own brand of fashion lines and being Indian fans that actually worships the celebs as gods, are going head over heels trying to find the piece of clothing that would actually bring them a step closer to their idols.

In the year of 2006, John Abraham was the first Indian actor to release his clothing line. Six years later, Salman Khan launched his fashion label, Being Human in 2012, followed by Hrithik Roshan HRX in 2013 and Virat Kohli One8 in 2014. The trend has been on the constant uptick from then on. Collaborating with brands like Puma, Nike, Myntra, etc with the added influence of their stardom and with impeccable marketing strategies these brands becomes a must-have essential item for millennials.

But what happens when celebs become fashion designers? Clothes often move to the backstage If Rihanna sets up a fashion show focused solely on the clothes, Kanye West has staged an authentic performance worthy of a pop star.

So, the explosion of musicians, actors and sports persons, among others, becoming fashion designers will be easily critiqued by various fashion experts. And who could blame them? We are not experiencing a rise of new fashion designers or creative talents with a lot of experience and learnings. They are only celebs with an amazing sense of fashion and style who decided to make a fashion brand of their own.

However, one must not overlook the very fact that enormous luxury and fashion conglomerates such as LVMH, Puma, etc, are actually backing these celebs for its new ventures, which shows that there might be an enormous hidden potential inside these brands.

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