The height of the towers may have been as per the norms laid out but with the uneven topography of the hills, at many places they are precariously close

Why transmission towers are shocking news for this Sikkim village

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Indian Army and the Tatmadaw have over the years conducted a series of operations along the border to crush camps of insurgent groups

Operation Sunrise: More geopolitics, less Army offensive

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To keep each other warm, the yaks were found mostly in clusters of 20-50 when their carcasses were found in the end of April

Why are yaks vanishing in hundreds in North Sikkim?

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Jyoti Saikia (name changed on request) runs a flourishing hair and make-up business from her parlour in Mirza, where she’s training more than 40 young women. After walking out of her six-month-long marriage, where she suffered under the pressure of dowry demand from her husband, she aims to become a big businesswoman

‘Juroon, Joutuk, Streedhan’: The hidden reality of dowry in Assam

Makepeace Sitlhou