Searching for the best oncologist for liver and lung cancer can be cumbersome. Firstly, benign tumours do not spread and can be removed without disease progression. On the other hand, cancer can metastasize and overgrow, spreading to other parts of the body. Hence, it is crucial to find the best doctor on time. 

The cost varies depending on the type of:

  • Hospital type
  • Insurance (type of insurance or self-paid)
  • Expertise, seniority, reputation, and brand value of the surgeon/physician.
  • Accreditation of the facilities 

The cost of liver cancer treatment depends on factors such as:

  • Method of treatment
  • Surgery type 
  • Other therapies in addition to liver cancer treatment 
  • The need for investigation and evaluation
  • Hospital charges
  • Room types 

The best oncologists in Pune have experience and expertise in treating cancer. The role of an oncologist is to provide various therapies to treat cancer. The treatment is based on the equipment and best-in-class facility with research bringing about innovative medicines to treat cancer. 

The function of the liver is to store nutrients and release energy by metabolizing the nutrients. It also produces the majority of clotting factors to stop you from bleeding from cuts or injuries. It also removes toxins from the body through urine by breaking down drugs, alcohol, and toxic wastes. On the other hand, the lungs are respiratory organs that help breathe. 

Benefits of cancer treatment in India 

  • Latest technologies with internationally accredited medical facilities
  • Highly qualified physicians/surgeons and fluent English speaking hospital staff
  • Cost-effective as medical treatments in India are 60-80% lower compared to other countries.
  • Private room options and customized services such as dedicated staff or private nurse 
  • Quality healthcare and other beneficiary services for healing 
  • A well-trained pool of doctors, nurses, and other paramedic staff cater to the patients’ needs.

Tips for finding the best oncologist for liver and lung cancer

  1. Consider the credentials of the oncologist for assessing their expertise in the field and knowledge in the medical domain for providing suitable treatment 
  2. Learn about the doctors’ experience for learning about the patients’ experience and treatment’s outcomes
  3. Research and validate the quality of the hospital, including the treatment approaches and plans 
  4. Find apps like Bajaj Finserv Health having consolidated information regarding the patient reviews, doctor’s experience and expertise, treatment-related data, etc. 

Learn about the offered diagnostic and treatment facilities

Diagnostic facilities 

  • Tests: Ensuring availability of tests like Biopsy (examining the tumour tissue under the microscope), CT scan, and PET CT scan
  • Fine needle aspiration cytology: Inserting a small needle in the tumour for exploring the small sample under the microscope. 
  • Tumour markers: Conducting blood test for specific cancer types 
  • Immunohistochemistry: Carrying out a pathology test for understanding the details of the cancer types
  • Mammography: Testing for diagnosing breast cancer where an x-ray of the breast is taken
  • Pap smear: Conducting Pap smear tests for examining the chances of cervical cancer

Cancer treatment types 

1. Radiation therapy: Doctors use x-rays, gamma rays, and electrons to destroy cancer cells. Radiotherapy intensively concentrates on eliminating the cancer cells with minimum side effects while protecting the normal cells. The different radiation treatments include:

  • Conventional radiation therapy
  • 3DCRT (3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy)
  • Intensity modulation radiation therapy
  • Volumetric modulated arc therapy.

3. Chemotherapy: The chemicals are injected to destroy cancerous cells. There are different types of chemotherapy, such as targeted treatment, immunotherapy. 

4. Cancer surgery: The cancerous tumour is removed along with a portion of normal cells. In addition, an Oncosurgeon performs this surgery. 

Oncologist in Pune

You get state-of-art facilities and treatment from the best radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, and surgical oncologist. The doctors provide treatment adhering to NCCN and ASCO guidelines accepted throughout the world with innovative therapies such as linear therapy.

Radiation therapists work closely with restorative experts such as surgeons, medical oncologists, and palliative care physicians to treat cancer patients with care. The dedication, teamwork, and staff excelled in catering to the patients’ health to eradicate cancer and help lead a cancer-free life. 

The oncologists in Pune play an instrumental role in managing the patient’s illness and overall health. Here are the factors that set the best oncologist apart: 

  • Sufficient counselling
  • Using advanced technology 
  • The healthy, hygienic, and joyful environment for treatment 
  • Well qualified and experienced with stellar expertise 
  • Polite, dedicated, and well-trained staff

The best oncologist in Pune with stellar hospitals makes an exceptional combination for cancer treatment. Patients can find an excellent treatment that is affordable with dedicated staff and trained professionals who cater to their health with the latest technologies and treatment methods. 

How can you seek services from the best Oncologist in Pune?

  1. Using a company or self-sponsored insurance
  2. Seeking services from hospitals (Trust/Government/Private)
  3. Assessing the expertise, seniority, reputation and brand value of the surgeon/doctor.
  4. Securing a Health EMI Card from reputed sources like Bajaj Finserv

Benefits of using a health card

It is a single solution for seeking stellar services for your cancer treatment without worrying about the costs. The card helps in fragmenting medical expenses into EMIs. Patients can also use the health card to pay for pharmacy, hospital, or diagnostic bills. 

Individuals can access a health card from reputed sources like Bajaj Finserv with minimal paperwork and documentation, including a flexible tenor for up to 24 months and exclusive offers. In addition, the card provides complimentary accidental coverage worth Rs 1 lakh. The card also includes benefits of financing up to 4 lakhs at no cost EMI.

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