Holi food

With colors flying around and water balloons splashing, Holi is undoubtedly the happiest festival in India. The festival symbolises the triumph of good over evil. 

This exuberant affair is traditionally celebrated by playing with colours and water. But that’s not the only way to celebrate, Indians across the nation celebrate it with much fervor and cheer.

Food is always at the center of the Holi festival. 

Yes! It’s that time of the year when Rang barse in Big B’s baritone voice and munching onto delicious bites of street snacks. 

Take a look at this quirky holi food that will make your holi party simply awesome!

1. Ghujiya 

What’s Holi without Ghujiya. Ghujiya is a must at this festival. It is known by several names like Ghugra, karanji or karajikai.

This sumptuous snack has a crispy outer layer and mouth-watering stuffing of khoya(mawa)and dry fruits and desiccated coconut making it an amazing sweet.

Ghujiya - Holi food

2. Barfi 

Every Indian celebration starts with a box full of sweets. The classic sweet is widely consumed in the country, especially on special events or occasions. It is the perfect dessert for holi. Barfi is made of condensed milk. We love Kaju barfi, don’t we? 

There are other flavours to choose from like pistachio, almond, saffron rose, and chocolate. Some believe that this holi Indian food was made by Harbans Vig, a wrestler from Punjab, Pakistan in 1912 and others assume that this food is a medieval dish originating from Uttar Pradesh.  

Barfi - Holi Indian food

3. Thandai

If you are wondering what ‘Thandai’ now is then now is the time for you to try out this fun stuff. It is a popular beverage that is made with cooling spices, nuts, seeds, rose petals, and milk.

Thandai Holi food

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4. Dahi Vada

Dahi Bhalla also known as Dahi vada always wins heart. This traditional food item is a popular street snack in North India.

The blend of curd and spices makes it tastier. These are lentil dumplings which are fried and topped with curd or yogurt, various spices, and chutney’s and enjoyed as chaat.

Dahi Vada (traditional indian food)

5. Phirni

There’s no dearth of sweet delicacies to make on Holi than refreshing Phirni. This Indian dish is typically made with rice or rice flour boiled in milk with assorted nuts and spices. Every spoon of phirni refreshes you to the core and makes it an ideal holi traditional food item. Add some twists to your phirni to make a memorable end to your meal.

Phirni: traditional food item

6. Jaggery Malpua

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious dessert then Jaggery malpua is the ideal dish for your upcoming holi celebrations. Use earthly Jaggery instead of sugar combined with the flavour of the desi ghee and creamy rabdi that takes decadence to another level. 

Jaggery Malpua

7. Coconut Murukku

For the munchies, coconut milk murukku is a savored delicacy on the festival of colors. Add a new touch to your holi celebrations with this delectable snack that will become everyone’s favorite treat. This holi food is prepared using coconut milk, rice flour, and urad dal flour. It takes only 30-40 minutes so don’t miss out on it!

Coconut murukku

Now that we have enlisted some holi food dishes for you, lure your guests and layout an impressive spread with the holi themed colorful buffet breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners.

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