We have had our share of alcohol in numerous forms: in drinks, in food, in coffee, and in cakes as well. But ever thought about having it in your ice cream too? Sounds exciting, right? Here we have compiled the best boozy ice creams that you can binge on for satisfying your ice cream, as well as liquor cravings!

Vodka Gummy Bear Pops

Though this combination is not new to most, there’s no harm in trying out the age-old recipe. But remember, these popsicles do require a bit of waiting. Soak the gummy bears in the vodka for a few hours and then add some soda into the mixture. Freeze the ice pops and watch them coming out to such a vibrant and cute treat!

Sparkling Wine Strawberry Sorbet

Sparkling wine sorbet tastes as great as it looks. Scoop it into a cocktail glass and garnish it with strawberry pieces and berries to make it appear attractive and mouth-watering. Wine and strawberry have great flavours on their own and a hint of citrusy lemon and sweetness of sugar has a way of tying them together for a unique experience.

Risky Whiskey

If you are someone who likes chocolate ice creams, then risky whiskey is made for you. The bitterness of whiskey and sweetness of chocolate will delight your tastebuds, irrespective of whether you have it in a cone, float, or as an ice cream sandwich. Even the most passionate ice cream enthusiasts will go back for a second scoop. Garnish with some salted crushed peanuts or almonds for that extra crunch.

Stout Chocolate Crunch

Relish a pub-inspired indulgence. Infuse the rich chocolate ice cream with stout flavours of toasted malt, then blended with decadent fudge and crunchy chocolate shavings or pretzels. This classic pairing will make you forget all other ice cream combinations that exist.

Banana Rum and Raisins

The base rum and raisins ice cream is a total mood-lifter. The amalgamation of rum, caramelised banana, candied walnuts, hot fudge, and chocolate brownie makes it truly irresistible. Grab a bowl, dig in, and get your boozy and sweet fix with this ice cream. Top it with nuts of your choice or go for chocolate chips to give your tastebuds a satisfying spike.

These ice creams sound like a treat, right? So, whip up a version of your own at home and discover a whole world of boozy ice creams out there!

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