Nutella, without a doubt, is a comfort food of adults and kids alike. We’ve all had days when we just want to savor a spoonful of Nutella, but it barely ends with just a single spoon.

Nutella lovers often explore fun recipes and combinations that’ll include the creamy, chocolaty spread in abundance – whether it is a sandwich, waffle, or pancake. So, in case you’re in a mood to experiment with other ways to pamper yourself or your kids to this highly indulgent treat, here are some delicious recipes you can prepare and enjoy!

Nutella Mug Cake

If you are dreaming of a soft, delicious, and moist cake, then you can give this recipe a try! All you need is a handful of ingredients such as Nutella, oil, flour, sugar, eggs, and milk. Blend it all together and put it in a microwave for no more than five minutes. Garnish the mug cake with a little drizzle of Nutella, white chocolate spread, and KitKat chunks, and voila!

Creamy Milkshake

Nutella can also be consumed in the form of beverages. Sure, a warm chocolate cake is drool-worthy, but I encourage you to incorporate it in a chilled drink, too. Grab a cup of milk, add a copious amount of fresh cream, sugar as per preference, and Nutella in abundance. Top it with a few marshmallows and chocolate chips right before serving!


Nutella tastes best when paired with banana – let it be through means of crepes, pancakes, or sweet sandwiches. But it’s time to move over these recipes and make Nutella the star, with espresso and banana, in this smoothie. And this brings me to the Banana split, yet another perfect source for Nutella consumption. Forgo the warm caramel or fudge and opt for this dessert.

Bread Pudding

How about a Nutella-flavored bread pudding? Pears, chocolates, and hazelnuts would complement the dessert even more! What would taste even more interesting is bananas from the top as a garnishing element. Instead of pouring Nutella at the bottom of the baking dish, put it on top.

Chocolaty Bars

Can we ever say no to mouth-watering, gooey bars, especially when layered with a spread of Nutella? If a quicker and easier version of brownie is what you’re wanting to have, then give this recipe a try. To enhance the dessert and add to its richness, throw a handful of nuts and chocolate chips from the top or in the batter. Garnishing with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream right before offering the bar to someone will do no harm and rather leave one craving for more – we bet!

Give these versions of Nutella a try and satiate your sweet cravings!     

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