Bodo/Boro are the indigenous community of people that speak the Tibeto-Burmese Boro language. They are the largest minority group in Assam and are mainly concentrated in the Bodoland Territorial Region of Assam. Bodos also inhabit other districts of Assam and other North-Eastern states. Bodo cuisine comprises a variety of nutrient-rich delicacies. Below mentioned are some popular dishes that one must try to immerse themselves in the Boro cultural palette.

Silkworm Pupae Fry

Silkworm pupae are a favorite delicacy among the Bodo. They are mainly fried with onions and green chilies. They are considered to be a source of high protein and lipids. Their taste is similar to that of scrambled eggs.

Freshwater Snails Curry

Freshwater snails can be prepared with a simple onion-chili curry base or with a black gram curry base. They are low in fat, high in protein along with Vitamin A. They taste delicious with the semisolid texture of the snail meat. (Disclaimer: You don’t want to eat the shells, just the inner meat!)

Green Tree Ants’ Egg Fry

Bwisagu, the Bodo festival, is the celebration of the New Year, this celebration is incomplete without the Green Tree Ants’ egg fry snack. This can be fried with ferns (Fiddlehead fern) or even with onions and chilies. The dish tastes slightly sour and is packed with protein too.

Pork with Narzi (dry jute leaves)

Pork is the most favored protein among the Bodos. There are multiple ways of preparing it. One famous dish is pork with Narzi. This dish is slightly bitter in taste and is consumed with rice.

Fish with Roselle leaves

Roselle leaves have a sweet-tangy flavor and are greatly used in Bodo cuisine. Fish with roselle leaves are a great combination during summertime. Any type of fish can be used in this dish.

Napham (fermented fish chutney)

Fish fermentation is a way of curing fish and storing it for a long time. Napham is a condiment in Bodo cuisine. It is prepared with fermented fish, salt, mustard oil, garlic, ginger, onion (optional), and chilly. Everything is mixed properly to form a paste which then is served with food.

Fish head with Urad dal

Urad dal can be prepared without any protein, but the fish head gives a whole other kick to the dish. This dish is very rich in texture. Fish head and black urad dal with rice is a godly combination. The fish head is usually taken from any big fish and is fried before putting in the urad dal.

Giant Water Bug Chutney

Giant water bug chutney is prepared by cleaning the bug and frying it with onion, garlic, ginger, and chilies. After frying, everything is turned into a paste and is served with food. This dish has an electrifying aftertaste.

Rice powder and Chicken curry

Chicken with rice powder curry is among the main dishes in Bodo cuisine. The curry is rich and creamy in texture. This dish can be found during lunch and is consumed with rice.

Pork with Vegetable mustard

Pork with vegetable mustard can be a snack or a main dish depending on the time and occasion of consumption. During Bwisagu, this dish served along with rice beer makes for an all-time Bodo favorite combination.

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