You might have professed yourself as either a wine lover or beer lover, but it turns out, both forms of beverages have something in common. Similar to the former, certain kinds of beer taste best when served in specific styles of glasses intended to improve a brew’s quality. We have categorized a few of the many beer glasses available in the market, keeping in mind different sizes, shapes, and styles. No matter which your favorite beer is, you are certain to find an option here that will make it smell and taste much better.


While there is a range of pint glasses out there, the most popular and preferred one happens to be the American pint glass. This type of glass has a skinny, cylindrical shape that broadens as it goes up and is used to serve beer in a restaurant or bar. In some places, it is also called shaker glass. Pint glasses hold 16 ounces and can be used for any kind of beer – stouts, lagers, ales, you name it.


Looking for another choice when consuming delicate beers? Think of a blonde beer glass, which is also popularly called a Willi Becher glass. This type of glass has a narrow silhouette to evoke the flavor by enhancing the beer’s concentration. Inspired by German drinkware, a blonde beer glass also makes a great substitute for everyday brews.


While mainly designed for pilsner beers, this kind of beer glass also goes well with lighter beers like blonde ales and lagers. Quite popular amongst Europeans and Americans, pilsner glasses are thin and tend to have an elongated shape. The height of pilsner glasses is also notable since it’s meant to highlight the liquid’s golden hue, carbonation, and clarity. Quite like the champagne glass, the slender base allows for a frothy head that enhances the beer’s aroma and true flavors.


Goblets are typically regarded as the most extravagant way to drink a beer. They traditionally have a thick and long stem that makes a smooth transition into the wide bowl. Plus, since it has a wide mouth, such glasses encourage huge sips by directing beer to the back of the tongue, where tastes get detected the most. You’ll even notice some goblets featuring a decorative silver or gold inlay.


Are you concerned about keeping your drink cold? A mug can be your best bet! Strong, wide, and sturdy, the beer mug originated from the old-style German beer stein and is suitable for a wide range of beer types. Thanks to its thick glass and handle, which enables ample insulation and the warmth from your fingers won’t transfer to your drink, keeping it chilled for a longer duration. An added bonus: your strong grip on the handle allows for good toasting and cheering.


The stange glass (or stangen glass) is also commonly referred to as a strange glass, stick glass, pole glass or rod glass. “Stange” is the German word for rod … and that’s exactly what it resembles. The stange glass is tall and slender and is typically reserved for delicate beers, such as German Kölsch, to help intensify the flavors and aromas. The main benefit of this type of beer glass is that it has a firmer concentration of the important volatiles within the beer, allowing you to get a real sense of its flavor.


Snifter glass is usually used for tasting cognac and brandy, but many people don’t realize that it’s also great at enriching the aromatics of beer. The unique shape of the glass allows you to swirl your beer around, stirring up the volatiles which helps bring out the full aroma of your brew. Look-wise, it’s small with a thin stem and footer, but the large bowl on top holds plenty of liquid. This type of beer glass is typically used for stronger beers.


Designed to trap and maintain the foam head, the tulip glass helps enhance the flavor and aromatics of hoppy and malty brews. Much like the goblets and snifters, these types of beer glasses have a small stem and footer with a unique, tulip-like bowl on top. The top rim curves outward, forming a lip that helps ensnare the foam head.

Knowing you have so many options to choose from can make a lot of difference when enjoying a beer with family or friends; brace yourself to create a collection of beer glasses!

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