From getting drenched in rain to night walks in a chilled breeze, every subtle thing about Monsoon thrills us. It also leaves us with a pang of hunger for something salty, crispy, and tasty. And the thought of piping hot crisp pakoras and chai instantly follows. So, here we bring you a few easy-to-make chatpata recipes that will make your day perfect and memorable.

Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is the most loved snack for all potato lovers. It is a tasty combination of mashed potatoes with authentic spices. The mix of channa dal, ginger, garlic, green chilies and cumin seeds makes an awesome filling for the tikki.

Sweet Corn Masala

Sweet Corn Masala tastes divine on a rainy day. Butter-fry chunks of tomato, ginger, garlic, onions, and boiled sweet corn with salt and black pepper. Garnish with a dash of lemon juice for the extra kick.

Hari Mirch Pakoda

Crisp and fresh green chilies are stuffed with a potato filling, battered and fried. And paired with spicy coriander chutney, it’s absolute bliss. Trust us, you’ll be coming back for seconds before you know it.


It’s a usual sight to find bhutta vendors on every street corner, roasting cobs over red hot coal in their barbeques. Make this at home. Take a pinch of salt, a slice of lemon and chili powder, and rub it on the roasted corn to enjoy this delicious snack.

French Fries

French fries are everyone’s favourite snack and are easy to prepare at home. While they are easily available in restaurants, freshly prepared fries at home are a healthier option. They can either be baked or deep-fried. A pinch of salt, pepper and chilli flakes can add a spicy twist to the fries.

Bread Pakoda

Triangular bread slices are dipped in spicy gram flour batter and deep-fried. They can even include fillings of paneer or potato. Bread pakoras make for a fulfilling evening snack coupled with masala tea or ginger tea. To make them a bit healthier, try using brown or wheat bread.

Vegetable Maggi

How can we forget this epic snack that makes us celebrate rain? A plate of piping-hot Maggi is absolute magic of hot, desi spices. Add some vegetables, such as bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, to it. If you love eggs, a fried egg would definitely enhance the taste!

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