When it comes to food pairings, there is no dearth of creativity on the Internet. So many netizens have their own set of bizarre, yet interesting, food combinations that they swear by. Combining the taste of sweet and salty, bitter and sour – there is an endless number of possibilities when it comes to unique combinations. We recently came across some of the weirdest food combinations curated by social media users. A Twitter thread began this discussion on the weirdest food combinations that people have tried. Check it out:Here are some really Weirdest food combinations food fusion that will trigger all the food lovers out there check it out.

  1. Fried chicken with syrup and waffles

Who does not love some fried chicken and sweet waffles? But did you ever think of trying them together??

2. Oreos wrapped in bacon

Ever thought of some yummy crunchy Oreos wrapped in fresh crispy and hot bacons together? Will that be a Weirdest food combinations?

3. Fish finger and custard pie

Just imaging the combination makes me tremble and can be one of the weirdest food combinations!

4. Watermelon panipuri

Panipuri is one of the most loved street food in India. But how do you feel when you hear watermelon panipuri? Triggered?

 5. Ferrero Rocher Manchurian

To one of the Weirdest food combinations, Nutty chocolatey goodness with Chinese tadka!

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6. Maggie beer

Twitter image @SambhavArora

With the weekend upon us many of us are planning on chilling this weekend with a glass full of beer. How about with some Maggie in it? And no not on the side but right inside the mug.

7. Stawbiriyani

one of the Some yummy spicy biriyani with fruity-tangy goodness of strawberries anyone? It can be one of the weirdest food combinations!

8. Fries dipped in honey

Fresh honey covering crispy fries.

9. Grape jelly (jam) and scrambled eggs

Jam and scrambled eggs, I just lost my appetite.

10. Salted crisps with Nutella

Movie time with chips dipped in Nutella, how about that?

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