Holi, the festival of colours is here and we sure love smearing the faces of those around us with colours but a lot of people have sensitive skin and artificially made colours can cause more harm to the skin than we think. Here are some simple recipes to make your own natural colours, free of chemicals, at home.

Here’s how you can make natural Holi colours at home

To make natural Holi colours, you need to first choose the base for the colour, which could be besan, maida or cornflour. Experiment with a small quantity first and make more once you like the colour, texture and mixture.


Add turmeric powder to besan, and mix it.

Rub it between both palms, till it is mixed well.

The ratio of turmeric powder to besan should be 20:80.

Sieve it (using a very fine strainer) at least two to three times.


Holi Festival - Colors of Spring

Spread out the turmeric powder and squeeze lime juice on it. The acidic lemon will react with turmeric and turn it red in colour.

Spread it out to dry in a well-ventilated room but away from the sun, which can bleach it.

Once it is dry, rub it again between the palms of your hands and sieve it a few times.


Holi, the festival of colors

Follow the same process as in the case of making red, with only lesser quantity of lemon.


Henna Powder: Naturally safer option of hair coloring | - Times of India

Add mehendi to maida (equal ratio), mix and sieve a few times to get green colour.

Avoid using food colouring as it is not natural.


How To Make (And Improve) Instant Coffee Powder

Boil coffee powder (200gm) in water till it turns brown.

Once it cools down, mix the brown coloured water with corn flour (1.5kg) with your hands and leave it to dry for a day.

Sieve it a few times.

You can also add a little rosewater (10ml) for fragrance.


Health Benefits of Beetroot Powder | Everipe

Grate 4-5 beetroots and grind it in the mixer grinder.

Add it to corn flour (250gm) and mix it well with your hands.

Add rosewater (10ml) to it for fragrance.

Leave it to dry and sieve it.


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This colour can be made using amla (Indian gooseberry).

Take out the seeds and grind it in the mixer grinder.

Add the juice to corn flour.

Allow it to dry and sieve it a few times.

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