Govardhan Puja

Celebrated on the next day of Diwali, Govardhan Puja holds a special place in Hindu mythology as Lord Krishna is worshipped on this day. Govardhan Puja 2021, also known as Annakut Puja, is celebrated today i.e. November 5. It is believed that on this day Lord Krishna defeated Lord Indra by lifting up the Govardhan Parvat on one finger, giving shelter to villagers and cattle from the wrath of nature.

Govardhan Puja 2021: Subh Mahurat

Govardhan puja 2021 is today i.e. Friday, November 5. The Pratahkala muhurat will begin at 6:36 am and will continue till 8:47 am.
The Sayankala puja muhurat will start around 3:22 pm and will continue till 5.33 pm.


Govardhan puja is celebrated in various ways across the country. In South India and Maharashtra, it is celebrated as Bali Pratiba or Bali Padva. It is believed that Lord Vishnu had pushed demon King Bali to Patal Loka on this day.

On this day, devotees take an early bath, clean and decorate the place of worship, and light lamps. Then Lord Krishna idol is given a bath of milk and dressed in new attire and jewelry and offered his favourite foods.


As per Hindu mythology and religious manuscripts, Bhagavata Purana, Govardhan puja is celebrated to commemorate the day when Lord Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan parvat to provide shelter from torrential rains caused by Lord Indra to destroy the villages of Vrindavan.

To celebrate the day, devotees offer a ‘mountain’ of food as an offering to Lord Krishna and thus foods play an important role in this puja. Apart from that, devotees sing hymns, kirtans and light up and decorate the house and worship Lord Krishna.

Govardhan puja wishes and Greetings to share:

After reaping blessings for wealth and fortune from Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, I wish for Lord Govardhan to abundantly bless you and your kin with longevity, love, hope, dreams, and all things optimistic. Happy Govardhan Puja to you and your family!

Blessings on blessings on blessings! Love, laughter, fun and frolic, and a lot of faith your way. I wish for you and your family to rejoice and count all your blessings. Happy Govardhan Puja to you!

On this special day, I wish the best for you and your family in terms of health, wealth, happiness, and luck! May Lord Krishna always protect you from all evil.

Happy Govardhan Puja to you and your family. Have a splendid day and festive season!

May Lord Krishna bless you and your family Right from heaven above. Happy Govardhan Puja.

Murli Manohar will fulfill wishes Health, Wealth & Prosperity shall prevail, Believe in the almighty and keep going Krishna will help you sail. Happy Govardhan Puja.

May this special day of Govardhan Puja brings you success, wealth and love May lord Krishna bless you and your family Right from heaven above.

Govardhan Puja is an auspicious day Filled with faith, prayers, and goodwill too. May this day bring in your life all the things that are dear to you. Happy Govardhan Puja 2021!

I pray to God for your prosperous life. May you find all the delights of life. May your all dreams come true. My best wishes will always be with you.

Sing the praises of Krishna. For it’s a day of lights and cheer. Missing you on Govardhan Puja day. Wishing you were right here.

Diwali has filled this day with light. Govardhan Puja is about to start. May you be blessed all year through. That is my genuine, wish from the heart.

May lord Krishna bless you and your family right from heaven above.

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