Eco friendly Diwali
With Diwali coming in no time, let us pledge to Go Green, this time. Credit: Twitter

Diwali is one of the most-awaited festivals in Indian households. People decorate their houses and the entire ambience wears a festive mood, as symbols of prosperity and happiness. However, along with Diwali, every year, we have seen growing indexes of pollution across the country. But, is there something we can do? Yes.

EastMojo brings to you four unique ways to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali.

Instead of Chinese lights, go for traditional Diyas.

1. Instead of Chinese lights, go for Diyas:

Traditional lights are eco friendly, bio-degradable as well as cost-effective. There is a warm ambience that Diyas provide to your house. Usage of traditional earthen lamps to decorate your house can be an amazing contribution to the environment by reducing energy consumption and wastage. Also, you can go for innovative lighting, say usage of wheat doughs, orange peels, or even coconut shell as DIY diyas.

Recycled Decors

2. Use recycled Decor:

This Diwali let us pledge to replace our chemical, commercial paints with eco friendly ones. Carrying the theme of repurposing goods, use sarees or gold-embroidered dupattas to create streamers, while old newspapers can be painted and hung as wall decorations. Traditionally, people made bandhanwars or traditional door hangings during Diwali. You can again bring into life, the practice by crafting out a bandhanwar using bright coloured cloths, leftover papers, flower paper and glitters. Use organic incense sticks and fresh flowers.

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Use Natural Colours to make Rangoli

3. Use natural colours to make Rangolis:

Rangolis form an integral part of Indian household during Diwali. People make Rangolis of different designs, unique and creative. This Diwali, instead of using chemically synthesised colours, use natural ones. In earlier days, Rangolis or Kolams were ways of sharing food with insects and birds. Even today, in many villages of South India, a Kolam is made from Rice paste or dry rice flour that makes it eco friendly. This becomes a feast for insects and birds. One can try using turmeric powder, Kumkum, coffee powder, and so on, to make a beautiful Rangoli and celebrate an eco friendly Diwali.

Organic Tea

4. Gift your loved ones, organic or personalised gifts:

True joy of Diwali comes in celebrating it with others and one way of doing it is by exchanging gifts with your loved ones.

Let us opt for organic gifts like plants, khadi clothing, spices, organic tea etc, and also reduce waste by using old newspaper for gift packaging. These items are easily available at home and are also biodegradable which make them perfect for an eco friendly Diwali.

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