It may be hard for many to imagine celebrating this festival going green, without firecrackers. Hard, but not unattainable. As experts around the world warn of climate change and global warming, ‘green diwali’ – an eco-friendly ideas to celebrate the festival – is trending on social media.

Many states including Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi have urged the people to ditch the harmful firecrackers and celebrate Diwali this year with diyas and green crackers.

Green Diwali Safe Diwali

Earlier, the Assam Pollution Control Board had imposed a blanket ban on selling and bursting of firecrackers in the state. However, the board allowed selling and bursting of green crackers in Assam for two hours during Diwali.

With pollution and global warming looming large, many have stepped up their campaign for green diwali this year. Amid coronavirus pandemic, many have pointed out the environmental hazards caused by fire crackers, use of thermocol plates and plastic boxes for sweets.

Green diwali has been making headlines for the last few years, so this year pledge to make this festival an eco-friendly one with green crackers to help reduce health hazards and environmental pollution.

With an eye on environment, we bring you five innovative and fun ways to celebrate this year’s Diwali:

1. Green Crackers

Green crackers are eco-friendly crackers and safe for the environment. Let us be responsible and use green crackers this Diwali. The fumes from firecrackers may have a harmful affect on those coronavirus patients who have breathing and lung problems. Pledge to celebrate this year’s Diwali with green crackers.

2. Earthen Lamps/eco-friendly candles

Major attraction in Diwali is decorating your home with lights and lamps. Say no to LED lights or plastic lamps which are easily available in markets and purchase clay diyas. The earthen lamps are your best friend if you want to celebrate a pollution-free and eco-friendly Diwali. By buying diyas, you will also be helping out small-time earthen diya manufactures and sellers.

3. Organic Rangoli

Let’s go back to the age-old method of using natural colours for this Diwali. For this festive season, let’s try to keep it organic with natural ingredients like rice powder, cloves/ cinnamon(brown), turmeric or haldi (yellow), etc. Simple yet gorgeous! Flowers are the best option for ‘go green diwali’ as they are safe for the environment and bio-degradable.

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4. Seed crackers

Ever heard of seed crackers? Well, these are simply an alternative for fire crackers. Seed crackers are the perfect solution for celebrating Diwali, especially during the pandemic when high-levels of pollutants are harmful for Covid-19 patients. Concerned about noise and air pollution, a group of people developed an exact replica of firecrackers. These seed crackers burst into a plant. They are without any health-hazards.

5. Say no to plastic wrappers

If you are opting for eco-friendly Diwali, say no to plastic wrappers for gifts and decorations. Instead of wrapping gifts in plastic packets, use bio-degradable bags which are completely compostable. The plastic boxes are non-biodegradable waste and harmful for the environment.

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