Vishwakarma Puja is a festival where craftsmen, artisans, workers, pray to Lord ‘Vishwakarma’ and celebrate the deity. Son of the Hindu God Brahma, Vishwakarma is said to have designed the entire universe. He is also called the architect of the palaces of Gods.

The Hindu deity is said to have four hands, wears a crown and is laden with gold jewellery. Lord Vishwakarma holds a water-pot, a book, a noose and crafting tools in his hands.

Here are some facts about this divine architect:

God of masons

Lord Vishwakarma is described as the God of masons, carpenters, goldsmiths, blacksmiths and all those people who are skilled in the crafts. His many faces and arms depict his creative power and supreme strength.

Designer of flying chariots

Lord Vishwakarma is said to have designed the flying Chariots of Gods alongside their mighty palaces.

Designer of weapons

Lord Vishwakarma is said to have designed the Vajra, which is the weapon of Lord Indra. Vajra is made from the bones of sage Dadhichi and the Agnayestra. Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra was another one of his mighty creations.

Architect of Lanka, the city of gold

According to Hindu mythology, a golden palace designed by Lord Vishwakarma when Shiva granted Ravana a boon.

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Architect of Indraprastha

The town of Indraprastha, home of the Pandavas in Mahabharata was built by Lord Vishwakarma. Legend has it that the architectural marvel and beauty of Indraprastha was beyond comparison. The floors of the palace were made such that it had a reflection like that of water and the pools and other water bodies in the palace gave the illusion that they had no water in them.

Duryodhana mistook one pool to be a flat surface and tripped. When Draupadi could not control her laughter, seeing this, Duryodhana got furious. This was the main reason that led to the war.

Architect of Dwarka

Lord Vishwakarma also built the mythical town of Dwarka, which was the capital of Lord Krishna. Today, this is a well-known pilgrimage for the Hindus.

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