Watch: Celebrate Bihu by learning how to make Pitha!
Celebrate Bihu with EastMojo
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Call it Sankranti, Ugadi, Baisakhi or Bihu; this time of the year we celebrate the harvest season across the country, which means that there’s a lot of food involved.

Bohag Bihu or the Rongali Bihu is a traditional ethnic festival that marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year. It is common to find the exchange of Pithas made by different families during the Bihu week among their friends and relatives.

It is common for people to buy these treats from the markets as these are very easily available but when you make these treats at home, you’re not just making food but also memories with your family!

We at EastMojo are back with another episode of For More Food and this time we visited Rina Khanikar who taught us how to prepare some of these Bihu special delicacies.

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