April Fools’ Day is one of the light-hearted days of the year. Tradition dictates that on this day, people perform practical jokes on each other and enjoy tricking others into thinking false things.

The day is dedicated to deception and pranks, which inspires the tricksters among us to come up with fun and cunning ways to con the trusting. One study found that it reduces stress and therefore could be good for your heart as laughing releases happy hormones.

However, one should not end up hurting sentiments and be careful enough while pulling off a prank on the gullible. Pranks should be harmless and should not instigate any negative consequences. 

Here are some hilarious ideas to prank your friends and loved ones this April fools’ day:

april fool pranks
  1. Use a voice-changing app to disguise your voice and prank call your friends on WhatsApp. You can pretend to be someone else, or just say something silly and wait for them to react.
  1. Change the language setting on your parents’ phone to a language they don’t understand, and then watch as they struggle to change it back.
  1. Get a pack of Oreos and switch the creamy filling with toothpaste before distributing them amongst your friends and record their facial expression after they take a bite.
  1. Swap the salt and sugar containers so when your mom makes her first cup of tea or coffee, she’ll be in for a surprise.
  1. Put a broken glass sticker on your dad’s car and watch him freak out about the ‘damage’.
april fool pranks
  1. Take a fake spider and throw it on your friend’s notebook or neck and watch a great jump scare.
  1. Set off 10-15 alarm clocks at the same time in your friends’ room. Or, just set random alarms through the day with crazy ringtones.
  1. Make up a story and tell your office buddies about how boss is mad for not meeting several deadlines or how they have been consistently late to the office for the past few weeks. 
  1. Send out an official announcement asking your colleagues to come early for a meeting and then reach late yourself, only to reveal it was a prank.
  1. Coat a few cotton balls in chocolate and freeze them. Offer them to your friends as a sweet treat and watch them struggle with it.

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