Om mani padme hum – four melodic and powerful words of this ancient Buddhist mantra do a lot more than just soothe one’s soul. The six syllable, all-encompassing chant is often found printed on prayer flags, not just in hills home to Buddhist monks, but also on bikes and cars these days.

Literally translating to ‘Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus’, this rhythmic chant when printed on these flags, is said to radiate positivity as the flags flutter with the wind. But these flags often fade in colour; their strings break and it would not be wrong to state that the quality of things of such high significance is actually just the opposite.

Luckily, for travelers, collectors and the free spirited, an entrepreneur from Siliguri has vowed to protect the sanctity of these spiritual elements, while ensuring that they’re not just passed off as mere collectibles by people, but kept with them like they would preserve artefacts.

Milestones, a Siliguri-based brand, is producing quality products such as prayer flags with mantras printed on either side, guaranteeing that the colour of these will not fade away. They also produce blessings coins, pendants and a variety of items that one would find in souvenir shops, but with their own unique twist.

While some of their products might look ordinary, if you look closely, they use high quality ribbons to hold together their prayer flags and their metallic items are made out of Zinc Alloy.

“I have always been creating things and I wanted to do something interesting for Buddhists, which was when I stumbled upon the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra,” Manoj Agarwal, owner of Milestones, told EastMojo. 

“Lots of bikes have these Buddhist prayer flags hung. Initially when I used to see that, I used to find these of very cheap quality so that was how I thought, why not bring this out?” he added.

“The details on these danglers and coins might not catch your attention at first, but the work is so delicate and it is this intricate work that is not easy to find,” said Agarwal, who has jewellery designers who work on all the details of these products.

These designs are then sent to China, where the manufacturing units print out these 3D designs on them and send them back, after which they are packaged and sold online.

Calling himself ‘crazy’, Agarwal says that he is adamant on producing such premium quality products, knowing that the masses would rather purchase these things for a much lesser price and compromise on quality, but that does not let his spirits down.

A lot of passion and patience go into producing these items, he says. When he first started creating these products, it took him at least four months to receive the final product in his hand since its conceptualization.

Milestones range of products

Premium quality woven prayer flags

These flags are in a set of 11, double sided with images of Gautam Buddha. These are available in 2 different sizes, for bikes and cars. They carry the Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, and their colour is guaranteed to stay for years.

Buy premium quality prayer flags here.

Ganapati, Hanuman, Hanuman Gada danglers

Similar in size and appearance to gold or silver biscuits, these pendants are made out of Zinc Alloy and weigh about 18 -34 grams. The front side of these pendants have the head of Lord Ganesha, head of Hanuman and Hanuman’s Gada with various symbols of religious significance and mantras printed on the rear side. These are available in 5 different colours – matte gold, antique gold, antique silver, matte rose gold and antique rose gold.

Buy Ganapati, Hanuman, Hanuman Gada danglers here.

Buddhist, Shree Yantra blessings coins/ medallions

These are 3 dimensional, double sided coins/ medallions weighing between 23 to 28 grams, also made of Zinc Alloy. On the front, they have the Tibetan mantra with the Buddha’s crown and the Shree Yantra, while their rear sides have 8 auspicious symbols (Tashi Tagey) and images of Ganesh Laxmi with auspicious mantras, respectively.

Buy Buddhist and Shree Yantra blessings coins here.

Openable urn Buddhist pendants & rotatable rings

These openable urns can be used to store medicine, mantras, precious items, and are also a wonderful way to preserve the ashes of someone you love. 

Other items

Apart from the aforementioned items, Milestones also has a range of products for consumers to select from. These products range from paracords, silicon lanyards, waterproof pouches for phones, jewellery strings, to even laminated pictures and paintings.

Milestones products aren’t just great souvenirs for collectors but are also ideal for corporate giftings.

These products can be shopped on and they also take feedback suggestions from its customers to further improve their products and designs.

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