New Delhi: ABC (All Bout Cinema) Talkies, a Gurgaon based Film-Tech company, is inviting independent filmmakers from Northeast India to showcase their work on the platform in a bid to boost regional content.

Described as the World’s First Cinema Market, it is a first-of-its-kind online marketplace where filmmakers are not only free to showcase and monetise their work, but also have the opportunity to sell it to bigger platforms.

Speaking about the aims and objectives, founder Siddharth Sinha said, “There is an emerging group of filmmakers from the northeast who are making unconventional films with socially and politically oriented themes but due to lack of buyers and non access to OTT platforms, they are not getting their due credit.”

“ABC Talkies would like to assist such young and independent filmmakers across genres and region and give them a platform ensuring that their unique stories reach a much wider audience globally”, he added.

Today’s OTT market is fiercely competitive, and the regional indie filmmakers are often overlooked and less prioritised over big budget films. Many indie films are also left out of the race for content curation by OTT platforms, which are carried out by independent film distributors. “That’s when we come into the picture as we provide the largest digital film library in the world for OTTs to come and buy what they want directly from the filmmaker without any intervention”, said Sinha, highlighting the uniqueness of the platform.

ABC Talkies also further ensures targeted marketing and public relations activation for the film and the filmmaker, allowing them to promote their work without the hassle of finding aggregators and distributors.

“The filmmaker retains the copyright and it will be their prerogative to choose a per ticket revenue that they wish to earn from click onwards. If they overprice it we intervene and advise but the filmmaker has the liberty to take the end decision. Gradually, when the film reaches a certain milestone of paid viewers we create a financial report card of the film and open it for purchase to OTT platforms on behalf of the filmmaker”, he added.

The platform, which made its debut on February 26, now has around 175 indie films from 100 filmmakers from across the country, as well as from nations such as Nepal and Pakistan. So far, Sinha reveals, “two of these films have done very well. A Kannada musical and a Hindi film which is based on a true story of how many journalists lost their jobs during last year’s pandemic”.

About the process of selection of content, he said, “We welcome all kinds of films whether it’s a short or feature length film. We also accept documentaries and cineplays. Following submission, the content goes through a review process in which a group of curators evaluates the film, provides feedback, and assigns a rating, and only approving it if they believe it deserves to be seen by the public.”

The goal of ABC Talkies is to match quality and talent with unreleased film projects, making it easier for such projects to see the light of the day and hence the tag #NoFilmCanned.

Speaking about the monetizing strategy and mechanism, Sinha said, “The film’s price is set following the filmmaker’s approval and consideration of its market value before it is opened for negotiation with the various OTT’s. The filmmaker receives 90% of the proceeds from the sale of the film, with only 10% going to ABC Talkies. We do not charge anything to the filmmaker and neither do we ask a revenue sharing for these facilities.”

“I personally believe that when it comes to arts and sports, Northeast is leading from the front. Now it’s time to show the filmmaking talent of Northeast to the glocal audience on ABC Talkies and we would like to welcome all those talented filmmakers to give us a try and I am sure they won’t be disappointed”, Sinha, who is also the Chief Content Officer of ABC Talkies, added.

You can find ABC Talkies on their website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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