Musician Bishal Sharma
Musician Bishal Sharma

What would life be without music? Not only is that a difficult question to answer, but it’s also an unpleasant one. Music cuts across diverse cultures and ethnicities, and for many people, it may serve more than one purpose. In Assam, music is ubiquitous. It is an integral part of Assamese culture and a means of expression for the people.

As Assamese music continues to gain relevance across climes, nations and cultures around the world, it is becoming more attractive among people of different ages who are beginning to embrace their unique talent and are breaking forth into the music scene. One such individual is Bishal Sharma, a rising talent that has begun capturing the heart of Assamese music lovers.

Since its release, his new single, Prixaa has spread like wildfire in hearts and households. This has sparked off an immense interest in Bishal and his unique art form. For the talented artiste, this song is more than a debut number, it is his entry into the highly competitive Assamese music industry.

Describing the message of the song, its importance and what it means, he says, “Prixaa is my debut single that got released recently. This song is very special to me. I guess every musician always dreams of creating an original and offering something amazing to society during their life span. I too carry such dreams and thus I came up with this debut love song.”

Speaking about the lyrics, Bishal says, “It is based on the moments of love, affection, care and promises that a couple shares. The intense and beautiful feeling of love is the concept behind the song Prixaa.

If you too are curious to know what Prixaa means. Well, it is a Hindu female name which people pronounce as ‘Prisha’ and it has various meanings like ‘gift of God’, ‘love’, ‘affection’ etc.

As a musician, constant evolution and mastery are necessary to get and maintain relevance. This is the reason Bishal refuses to set his mind on any limitation when making music. Although he primarily focuses on Assamese music, he maintains he can produce diverse sounds with multicultural perspectives.

“I do not want to set boundaries when creating music. Being an Assamese individual, my priority is always my language, to promote it and to establish it in any proper way possible. However, I am open to other languages too. I have plans to release Hindi originals soon,” he reveals.

Although an upcoming musician, Bishal is very clear on his style of music, which he says is a fusion of different styles, as well as the entire process he follows to make music. To be truly versatile, you have to dabble in several styles without discrimination. That is a belief that Bishal holds dear to his heart. In his own words, it’s not music if it doesn’t push the boundaries.

“Creating a style of music is a very long process. I love to experiment with various things. For example, ambient pop music attracts me a lot, and so do a lot of other genres. So right now, I don’t know where I’ll end up. Let’s just wait to see where I end up in my journey to building a style of my own as I continue to create more music,” he says.

As a young artist, it is expected that some individuals and music icons would be shaping and influencing his sound. He says, “To be very frank, there’s not a single name that I can speak out loud. But I do have to mention late Dr Bhupen Hazarika – he holds first place in my heart. Also, I am always inspired by the music of Joi Barua, Anurag Saikia, Ambar Das and many other incredible people. I cannot deny that my family too is an influence. My grandfather used to play ‘khol’ at Naamghar, my mother used to sing but not professionally, and then my uncle, a professional tabla player – I’ve grown up listening to music.

“International artists and bands like Steven Wilson, Charlie Puth, Jacob Collier, Pink Floyd, Deep Forest, and so on, also top the list of my favourites,” he adds. To sustain his inspiration as he writes and composes music, Bishal listens to songs from his favourite playlists and proceeds to break them down to expose the amazing techniques behind each song.

As he looks to the future, Bishal hopes to continue releasing amazing singles that will surpass the success of Prixaa and keep his fast-growing fans entertained. He also hopes to grow enough to release a complete body of work, sometime in the near future. “There are more than a couple of songs that are ready in my list of singles that I am going to release very soon on my YouTube channel. Although I haven’t yet planned for a proper album, I wish to have one in the future. But before that, I want to learn more so that I can deliver the best,” he says.

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