Heartwarming moments of fathers embracing LGBTQ+ child

In the age of social media awareness and woke culture, people are becoming more accepting of unconventional choices and identities. So are the fathers!

Since Pride Month and Father’s Day are in the same month, we have come up with various instances on social media where fathers accepted and supported their children’s sexuality. 

Here are some honourable mentions that surfaced on the internet:  

When a simple act of a father went viral on TikTok

A father’s gesture for his son during Pride month went viral after he decided to hang a Pride flag outside their house in a conservative community.

“We are fixin’ to shock Oklahoma,” said John Wyatt in the video as they proceeded to fix an LGBTQ+ ally flag to the front of their house.

While “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga playing in the background, the video has amassed over one million views since its June 5 upload, with many applauding the gesture.

Caden, 16, John Wyatt’s son, came out in 2020, and his father has been “studying and researching” the LGBTQ+ community since. 

Their chosen flag features black and white stripes, which “represent the heterosexual and cisgender community,” with an “A” on top to represent the LGBTQ+ community, as per Wyatt’s videos.

After the popularity of his TikTok video, John Wyatt was inundated with supportive comments. 

“I wish there were more dads like you out there,” wrote one TikTok user. 

An award-winning blogger father wrote an article ensuring parental support to his daughter

Richard Dedor, one of the most prominent motivational speaker and marketing expert expressed words of assurance on his blog where he promised to be a great and supportive gay dad and take care of his daughter.

He wrote, “Last year (2019) was my first year as a gay dad during pride month. Now that my daughter is walking and learning new things each and every day, I think often about the life she is going to have and the world she is living in.

It is my job as a father to hold my daughter close and explain that the world is tough, but she deserves everything. And I am there to help her when she wants and needs it. To help guide her to her own path. To walk beside her. To walk in front of her when needed. And to let her explore the world when it is right.”

 “I love my lgbtq+ daughters and want only the best for both of them”

A 42-year-old father sought suggestions on Reddit to teach his lesbian daughter about safe sex with complete humbleness and sincerity. While also questioning his male privilege, he wrote, “Hello LGBT community! I hope it’s okay to ask this question here as I am looking for “real” responses and not just something I could get from Google.

First off I am a 42-year-old dad (who is a bit out of his depth) of twin 12-year-old girls, one identifies as lesbian and the other identifies as pan. (By the way, if I get any verbiage wrong please excuse me as I am a dumb male who is trying to make up for being born male)”

My dad wished me a very happy pride month

A Reddit user shared his moment of joy on a Reddit group r/askgaybro when his father wished him ‘Happy pride month’. He described how his father changed from a homophobe to a socially progressive father.

Formerly homophobic Dad says “I love you”

A Reddit user shared an incident of how his homophobic father finally accepted him being gay on a group named “Made me smile” and shared his chat with his father that would make anyone smile. 

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