A video that shows an elderly woman being dragged and brutally tortured in public has been circulating widely on social media. People sharing the video claim the incident took place in Pakistan and the victim belongs to the Hindu community.

The 1.21-minute video was shared by Zee Hindustan on their Twitter page. According to the tweet written in Hindi, “Atrocities against the Hindus haven’t stopped in Pakistan. A Hindu woman was brutally beaten up with sticks over a trivial issue. The voices of oppressed Hindus are not being heard.” (see archived link)

Many users, including Indian film and television actor Manoj Joshi (@actormanojjoshi), have retweeted the video.

“Ever since Pakistan was created, such atrocities are happening there on Hindus. But no one will speak on this. Because it doesn’t suit their agenda,” Joshi said. (see archived link)

Another verified user (@DivyaSoti) shared the Zee Hindustan tweet and wrote, “When no one listens the Hindus in India itself then how can we expect them to be heard in Pakistan.” (see archived link)


We performed a Google search with relevant keywords and found this report published by aaj.tv on January 2022. A comparison between the images published in the report and the screenshot of the viral video shows that it is the same incident.

According to the report, the incident took place in Sialkot in Pakistan and the reason behind the incident was a land dispute.

Based on this report, we did another keyword search on Google and found this report published in the web portal of the Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’ on January 10, 2022. The report confirms that the incident took place ‘over a land dispute at village Palura Kalan in Sialkot district’ in Pakistan.

It also confirms that the victim woman shown in the video is not a Hindu, as claimed by Zee Hindustan.

“Two groups had a land dispute and their members had had altercations over it in the past. On Saturday, another altercation took place between two women, identified as Munawar Kanwal and Nasreen Bibi, belonging to rival groups. Nasreen, along with her relatives, severely tortured Munawar Kanwal. Her cousin grabbed Munawar by the hair and dragged her in the village,” the Dawn reported.

From the above-mentioned reports, it can be safely said that the claim made by Zee Hindustan and shared by several others, including actor Manoj Joshi, is completely baseless and communally motivated.

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