Whether you’re looking for a delicious gift to give your special someone or just want to indulge in something decadent, this list of exquisite artisanal chocolate brands will satisfy your cravings. From dark cocoa to creamy milk chocolate, these chocolatiers offer something special for your Valentine’s Chocolate Day celebration.

Come, let’s unwrap their deliciousness & celebrate the sweetest holiday of the year in style. 

1. Hill Wild

Founders Leiyolan Vashum and Zeinorin Stephe from Manipur took a traditional spin on this decadent confection with a vision of building a healthier lifestyle and community through food. Hill Wild, a northeast India chocolate brand, has been producing and marketing natural agricultural and industrially-processed food products since 2017. From King Chilli Chocolate to plum chocolate to sesame-flavoured chocolate, there is a variety of flavours you can gift your valentine.

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2.     Kocoatrait

Is your bae a fan of coffee? Then trust us, gifting chocolates from Kocoatrait will be the sweetest choice. From their espresso-flavoured dark chocolate to strawberry & rosemary white chocolate, they have the finest bar chocolates with earthy flavours made with beans.

Considered to be India’s first Sustainable Zero Waste Chocolate, Kocoatrait is a Chennai-based chocolate brand that aims to enable aspiring Indian citizens to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and follow minimalist living. What makes them unique is their packaging; it’s not only plastic-free but paper-free too! With minimal colours and illustrations, their chocolate bars are concealed with a handmade fibre processed with cocoa husk and screen printed by specially-abled people. 


3. Bean Therapy

Chocolatier-chef Sanjay Solomon’s Bean Therapy is one of the most exciting chocolate combinations in the market today. It uses ingredients from across the country to offer a rich taste of chillies from Guntur, Kashmiri Kahwa green tea, and Himalayan rock salt – to name a few. With eclectic Indian ingredients infused with Belgian Callebaut chocolate, these artisanal bars are an ideal gift for a valentine who loves exploring new flavours!


4.     Naviluna

Here’s a thought. Treat your special someone to the delectable flavours of Naviluna’s artisanal chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Formerly known as Earth Loaf, Naviluna is a proudly South African artisanal chocolatier dedicated to creating unique, luxurious chocolates perfect for any occasion. Their exquisite range of handcrafted artisanal chocolates is all made with organic and fair-trade ingredients, with recipes and processes passed down through generations of chocolate makers.


5.     Mason & Co

India’s first bean-to-bar chocolate brand, Mason & Co is based out of Pondicherry, India. Mason & Co features exquisite Italian artisanal chocolate with real cocoa beans and no preservatives or artificial flavourings. Their extraordinary range of truffles, bars, and spreads are perfect for gifting and offer a unique, sophisticated way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Crafted with passion, Mason & Co’s exquisite products will please even the most discerning chocolate fan.

6.     All Things

Exotic fruits and nuts. Handcrafted truffles. Creamy ganache fillings., All Things, based out of Jaipur has an array of luxurious chocolate bars that will please even the most discerning palates. If you’re looking for a special and unique gift, these delightful confectioneries are sure to be a hit.


7.     Menakao

Gujarat-based Cassam Chenai family living in Madagascar, Menakao is the perfect choice for artisanal chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Menakao offers a variety of premium chocolate bars, truffles, and other treats crafted with ethically sourced cocoa beans from Madagascar. Each bar is handcrafted in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and taste. With its unique flavours, it’s sure to make your Valentine’s Day even more special.


Valentine’s Chocolate Day is the perfect time to indulge in sweet treats with those we love. With these exquisite artisanal chocolates, you can make sure your special someone feels truly appreciated and pampered.

We hope this post helps you pick the right chocolate for your special someone and helps create an unforgettable Valentine’s Chocolate Day experience.

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