World Nature Conservation Day: Theme, History and Significance
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The World Nature Conversation, observed every year on July 28, aims to save threatened plants and animals.

It is of utmost importance to protect mother earth by conserving the natural resources which are still available. If we want to maintain the earth’s natural beauty, we will have to preserve different components of nature, including air, water, energy, soil, minerals, flora and fauna.

The theme of World Nature Conservation Day

The theme for this year’s World Nature Conservation Day is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet”. 

This topic is mainly related to the sustainable use of nature by humans for purposes of human use, conservation purposes, mining and hunting.

History of World Nature Conservation Day

The history and origin of World Nature Conservation Day are unknown, but its main purpose is to reflect on the exploitation of nature by humans and take actions to conserve it. As a result of overexploitation of natural resources, humans are facing the fury of global warming, natural disasters, viral diseases like Covid-19, increased temperatures etc.

Significance of World Nature Conservation Day

If we want a healthy and stable society, it is crucial to preserve the natural resources and environment. The primary objective of World Nature Conservation Day is to save the flora and fauna that are at risk of extinction.

Furthermore, the celebrations focus on conserving the different components of nature like energy resources, flora and fauna, water and air. This day also emphasises the importance of sustainable development and preservation of natural resources for future generations.

We should always remember that the planet as a whole doesn’t belong to us. This implies that we must learn to co-exist with the flora and fauna. And as a result of our irresponsible usage of natural resources, it is important to practice sustainable development.

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