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#SetWetGo is back with its third edition of a first-ever biking campaign in Northeast India at JB Law College (Jnanadabhiram Barooah Law College) in Guwahati, Assam.

Professional bikers in a college filled with biking enthusiasts were enough to make everyone go crazy. However, going crazy without proper knowledge about safety is dangerous and at times a fatal game to play. This was highlighted by each of the professional bikers from team Assam Bikers.

The biker’s perfect coordination with their metal partners is an example of intense practice and dedication towards their passion. The day-long event was organised by Set Wet, Marico’s male grooming and styling master brand, in partnership with Assam Bikers, one of the most popular biking groups of the region.


With the addition of a continuous progression of dance and hip-hop numbers by MC Insane, AKHU, Viper, etc., students and onlookers alike were drawn towards venue; tapping their toes to the rhythm.

The objective of the campaign is to interact with the youths of Northeast and biking. As the bikers came in with perfect co-ordination with each other, the onlookers knew that they were in for a treat to their senses.

From biking trivia quizzes, to figure of eight balancing competitions, to 60-second dress-up challenges, to #SetWetGo selfie contest, the spectators and participants were blasted with adrenaline-filled activities one after the other.

Now an event as such provides an amazing subject for any shutterbug. The holy trinity of pro-biking, hair styling  and stunts are the perfect combination for some eye catchy snaps. Here are few glimpses of it: 

The perfect coordinated entry drew in thunderous claps from the onlookers
The #SetWetGo selfie contest

Rappers Viper and MC Insane sets fire in the crowd with their rapping skills
Students try their luck on the tube blowing competition
‘Figure of eight’ challenges drew in ample amount of interest from the crowd
Goodies by SetWet

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