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Recognising the importance of smartphones in today’s era of filmmaking, Brahmaputra Foundation in association with the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune is organising a week-long workshop from September 15 to September 21 at Asian Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT), Guwahati.

Bhupendra Kainthola, director of FTII, Pune (left), and Ajmal Jamir, course director, FTII, Pune


Filmmaking has been around us and in our lives for as long as one can remember. The profession of filmmaking requires a visual mind, in-depth knowledge of the theories, on-field experience of handling various equipment and, of course, the money and the investment required to get that equipment. Subtract the last option and one cannot even make a film. 


However, things just took a whole new turn with the advent of smartphones by which one negate the expensive gears and still get an eye catchy film.

Ajmal Jamir, course director of FTII, Pune, teaching the nuances of smartphone filmmaking at AIMT, Guwahati

Smartphones have become a prerequisite commodity today. Millennials often find it hard to even survive a day without their smartphones. Add to it the constant and high-paced evolution of smartphones in comparison to that of other high-end camera gear, the art of filmmaking today is going through a new revolution. 


Talking more about the scenario, Bhupendra Kainthola, director of Film and Television Institute, Pune, told VibesMojo: “Smartphone filmmaking is not the future for it is happening even now in the present. With the advent of 4k lenses and 4k recording in smartphones, the world has already accepted it as the go-to film making option. So, we are mistaken if we are talking about the future for it is there today. Moreover, one has to upgrade themselves, otherwise, we have no other option but to become a dinosaur.”

Bhupendra Kainthola addressing the gathering


The workshop, which is headed by course director Ajmal Jami, aims to give the attendees a newer perspective of filmmaking through smartphones. The workshop is being attended by film enthusiasts from different parts of the country.


On Day 1, the session focused on the basic camera theories such as framing, types of shots, different types of angles, and composition, among others. As filmmaking is mainly an on-ground activity, Jami also conducted various exercises that further cemented his teachings. Working in teams, the students put into action the words and the theories said by Jami.

Ajmal Jami conducting a session with participants on the first day of the workshop


“Smartphone is a very powerful filmmaking device that sits in our pockets all the time. Most of our waking hours we spend with our smartphones not even realising the potential within it. Being easily accessible, it could be used to express our creativity or record different expressions and generate into reality the stories that we have floating in our minds all the time,” says Jami, when asked about the difference between smartphone filmmaking and high-end camera filmmaking.


FTII has been conducting 170 short courses in 39 cities across the country and a total of 7,000 people have participated in the workshops to date. Identifying 15 to 16 areas of film and television where skills can be imparted through short courses, and one of them being smartphone filmmaking, FTII organised it as its maiden venture in Assam.

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