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Icraft Institution organised its ‘Unique Medium Annual Craft Exhibition’ in Guwahati Artist Guild, Chandmari in Guwahati, Assam from  August 10 to 15. The programme was inaugurated by popular Assamese singer Vidya Sagar.

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The exhibition consisted of various art forms made up of recycled materials in the form of guns, tanks, clocks, caricatures, clay paintings made by Saumik R Bhumiz and Barnali Sinha, who are also the co-founders of Icraft Institution, along with artist Rahul Sinha.

People from all age groups, especially children, thronged the exhibition. The kids were excited to see machine guns, skeletal clocks and bikes.

Most of the paintings were made up of clay, glass, cardboard, and paper. Co-founder Bhumiz recently made a tank constituting tires, cardboard, and paper. This was done as a tribute to the Indian Army for the sacrifice and selfless duty towards the people and the country.

“By producing such creative work we want the people to be inspired so that rather than disposing of their thrash one can convert it into a productive craft which can be displayed and kept as a showpiece in homes and offices alike,” Bhumiz said.

Icraft is a Guwahati-based art and craft recreational training centre, with a motive of recycling environmental wastes and converting them to creative art forms. Founded in 2018, the institution wants people to be aware of recycling and converted scrap materials into creative and head-turning products.

Some of the famous artworks that the Icraft specialises in are clay crafts, ship models, car and bikes models, mix media arts, recycled crafts, glass painting, flower making, bottle art, and pottery art, among others. They also conduct classes for art and craft as well.

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