India’s most loved comedian Zakir Khan performs in Guwahati 4
India’s most loved comedian Zakir Khan performs in Guwahati 4

VIBING WITH standup comic Zakir Khan | I like to listen to people’s stories

Zakir Khan needs no introduction. The ‘Sakht Launda’ is known for his ability to highlight comic elements in everyday life. The best part of the musician-cum-stand-up comic, who also doubles up as a poet and an actor, is that every individual can relate to his jokes and the experiences he shares on stage.

VibesMojo caught up with the storyteller prior to his performance in front of a packed auditorium at ITA Machkhowa in Guwahati on Saturday and got some insights of the sets he has performed over the years.

“I like to listen to people’s stories and understand them,” Khan, who is known for his ‘Life Mein Chahiye Izzat’ one-liner, said when being asked about the connection that he develops with the people during his performances.

“I used to stay in a place called Hauz Khas Village when I was in Delhi. So, a lot of people would come to the pubs and bars there. When I felt that nothing interesting has happened all day and I did not get much content, around 11-11:30 at night, I used to go out and l used to over hear the conversations and try to understand the people. That is how I develop my sets,” he said.

Moreover, there is a poem by Ahmad Faraz that you can see in the beginning ofAmazon Prime Video standup special Haq Se Single, where it says ‘Meri baatein hain sab baatein tumhari, mera apna koi kissa nahi’. So my story is somewhat like that. I develop my sets from the stories from my surroundings,” Khan said during a conversation with VibesMojo.

On June 22, Khan delivered a comedy-filled evening with loads of laughter amid thunderous applause in Guwahati. The evening was packed with the most refreshing and relatable jokes as Khan went on to engage with the audience at the auditorium who were waiting to enjoy the ‘uniquely Indian’ style of the ‘Sakht Launda’.

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