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For anyone who travels to Delhi from outside, it might be a great challenge to hop around the various food joints that are famous and satiate the craving. So, the best way to go about it is to visit the food festivals that happen in the capital region throughout the year.

For all the food lovers out there, we have created a list of some of the most happening food festivals that are happening this year. Mark your calendars and align your travel plans accordingly if you happen to visit Delhi during those events.

 NASVI Street Food Festival

The food fests in Delhi serves perfect backdrop for the street food lovers and it contains all the right elements. National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) organizes this food festival around November and the event has garnered great following because of its ā€˜streetā€™ food vibes. The festival is organized at the onset of winter in Delhi, and that intensifies the food craving for the visitors. The festival is much anticipated based on the crowd that it pulled last year and when it comes to food, word of mouth travels faster than speed of light!

Location: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi (tentative)

Dates: Last week of November (tentative)

Great Indian Food Festival

As the name suggests, the theme of the food fests is to celebrate the food of India. India, being a vibrant country has a lot of variety in terms of food and flavours. This lively event serves elaborate flavours, collected from different nooks and corners of the country. The event is mostly a ā€˜one dayā€™ affair and it is not just enough time to satiate all the food cravings. The event is rare in its own way and a great chance to experience a vast variety of flavours in one go.

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Location: Dilli Haat, Pitampura

Dates: November 5 & 6

Asian Hawkers Market

One of the main feature of any food fests is to offer the visitors a chance to break free and get their hands on different food items. The Asian Hawkers Market amplifies that chance and offers amazing options which are perfect for the visitors, even if someone is visiting from outstation. The festival is themed on a ā€œPan Asianā€ element and it offers the international vibes in actuality. Some of the cuisines on the offer consist Chinese, Burmese, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai and Indonesian flavours. Do not miss the chance to add this event in your calendar and make the most of the lifeā€™s offerings!

Location: Select Citywalk, Saket District Centre, New Delhi

Dates: Last week of November

Foodistan ā€“ 10 Heads Festival

In the past few years, the food festival theme has really picked up in New Delhi and some of them have really left their mark. Foodistan is one of those festivals who have actually garnered a positive traction. There are many fans who have given their positive review for the festival. Words given in by the foodie visitors do add a lot of value in terms of success of the event. The festival is not just restricted to food and also offers great vibes in terms of fashion, culture and music.

Location: Nehru Park, New Delhi

Dates: October 21 and 22

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