On April 17, 2022, EastMojo reported that about 90 per cent of the total drinking water intake supplied through the state government-owned Drinking Water and Sanitation (DWS) Department in Tripura is sourced from underground. The rest, Tripura DWS department’s Kiran Gitte said, is compensated from various surface water sources like rivers, rivulets and small streams. 

For any state, depending on groundwater for almost 90% of its water needs is neither sustainable nor ideal, and yet, it is easy to see why the government would do so when you look at Agartala’s only potential source of drinking water. 

At the source of the Haora river

In some ways, the Haora river in Agartala looks like every other urban river. Its banks are way beyond breached, so much so that it is difficult to fathom the river’s actual bed. Torn between encroachment and lack of sewage management, the river, which originates in the lush Hatai Kotor (formerly known as Baramura hills) and......

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