Five ways to remain eco-friendly after 'World Environment Day'
World Environment Day

‘World Environment Day’ is celebrated every year on June 5 and is the UN‘s primary vehicle to encourage action and awareness for environmental protection.

Celebrating ‘World Environment Day’ isn’t about practising eco-friendly and sustainable ways of living for a day and forgetting them for the rest of 364 days. It’s about making everyday choices that will make the world a better place to live in.

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t only mean banning plastic use but can include a dozen of other things like protecting wildlife, protecting wildlife, conserving natural resources and taking actions that will reduce the rate of climate change.

Each one of us has the power to make a difference by making smart environmental choices which might influence others to take similar actions. Encouraging your friends and family to adopt a sustainable and eco-friendly way of living can be a good start to celebrating ‘World Environment Day’ this year.

Mentioned below are five ways to make sure you practice sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living not just on ‘World Environment Day’, but for the rest of the year as well.


If you are thinking of making the shift to an eco-friendly way of living, chances are that you are already recycling things or at least thinking about it. You can recycle almost anything, from paper to batteries to vehicles. Before throwing away your old items, pause and think if it is recyclable. You don’t need a special day like the ‘World Environment Day’ to recycle your objects and can be done on any given day.

Don’t throw it, fix it

Fixing or repairing old goods is way more eco-friendly than just throwing them away, although the latter option is much easier and cheaper. Be it your old car, mobile phone, computer or any other electronic appliance, always try to fix it first before discarding them. If it is beyond repair, you can always get creative and find ways to turn it into something else.

Use LED lights

LED lights ights may be on the expensive side when compared to regular light bulbs, but they do last longer and are efficient too. These lights use 75% less energy but deliver the same result as incandescent lights. They give out less heat and are more durable which is a win-win situation for everyone. Using LED lights reduces the use of electricity and also energy costs, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly light source.

Grow your own food

While growing your food is labour intensive and needs a lot of patience, the energy required is 30-50% less. It isn’t just a great way to save some money but also an excellent way to become eco-friendly and cut down on carbon footprints. Growing your food saves energy as there is very little or no transportation involved.

Drive only when necessary


your vehicle isn’t quite eco-friendly as it emits carbon into the environment. Not driving your car on ‘World Environment Day’ to reduce carbon emissions won’t help if you are driving it around regularly for the rest of the year. If you want to contribute to reducing carbon emissions, you can take public transport or just cycle for your travel needs.

Happy ‘World Environment Day’!

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