'We Love You Jungkook' Goes Viral When He Breaks Up During Live Session, Assures ARMY He's Fine

BTS Jungkook has become quite frequent in his live sessions at Weverse.

After going LIVE on Weverse and interacting with the ARMY while intoxicated, he surprised fans once more on Tuesday, 14 March.

When Maknae began the broadcast, he stated that he was drinking a highball.

Jungkook changed into three different outfits while going on three dates with fans while listening to music. As usual, he answered questions from the audience, talked about his musical preferences, and dropped intriguing details. While having a good time, the musician called out a fan who begged him to cut back on drinking.

While several of his fans remarked on his drinking, others requested that he talk in English, which appears to have frustrated him. He then claimed, “Ah, why are you guys telling me to quit drinking? I’m a grown adult and I am 27 years old. While I’m still young, I’m having fun.”

He further added, “You only live once. If I am born again as… If I’m guaranteed a second life, I wouldn’t do this.”

He said that fellow BTS member Jimin had begged him not to drink during his live sessions in the second segment of the live. When BTS frontman Kim Namjoon also stopped by the live session, Jimin left some words for JK. He also cautioned the youngest person to limit their alcohol consumption and, in jest, invited him out on a date.

During his third section of the live, he altered his attire and created a more tranquil environment. Towards the end, he kept silent for a long time, and then seemed to wipe off tears. Fans feared that the singer was upset and crying while drinking, but JK told them that his eyes were wet because he has rhinitis.

He immediately halted live without properly saying goodbye, making the ARMY even more concerned. He then came back for a fourth time to say farewell to his fans properly. Soon after, the phrase ‘We love you Jungkook’ began trending on Twitter as followers expressed their admiration for their favourite.

Let’s take a look at how fans got emotional:

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