Have you noticed the fact how the anime world has been spreading its wings in the regional sections of India? The increasing amount of viewership during the lockdown has let the children escape boredom and enter into a colourised world filled with imagination and entertainment.

The realm of anime has no restrictions which led to the blooming of viewership from the Indian kids’ sector. Animations released in different regional languages not only creates relevance but also serves as a learning kit about their own mother tongue even if they live in foreign states.

It successfully opened doors to create many unique and relatable homegrown content that offers a local flavour through authentic voices, India-centric characters, and regional language features.

This pushes the brands to focus on localization of IPs helping the kids relate to the content even if it’s under a global animated landscape. Data from Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India earlier this year had revealed that the viewership of kids’ genres had increased by 20% during the pandemic. 

Also, the holiday season is around the corner but the tremor of Coronavirus hasn’t gone yet. A new variant named Omicron is doing the rounds, risking the chances to go out of the house and socialize.

Luckily, the holidays provide you with the best opportunity to spend quality time with family and here is your chance to catch up on some amazing animation series with your kids. The following list of series’ gives parents and kids living around India an opportunity to celebrate this holiday season together in a fun-filled manner:

Ekans – Ek se badhkar Snake

Cartoon Network’s first local sci-fi superhero CGI series, ‘Ekans – Ek Se Badhkar Snake’, is about a  teen superhero. A 13 year old  smart boy, Ekans, who is chosen as the one and is given a naagmani by the world’s  powerful snakes.  With extraordinary snake super powers Ekans sets out to keep humanity safe from the evils of the world with immense strength and courage.  This series aired in different languages like- Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English.


Penelope is based on the popular French Book Series which has sold 3M+ copies globally. Revolving around the character of a 3-year-old blue koala, Penelope’s content is extremely relatable to the everyday life of a preschooler. The edutainment value of the animation IP makes the launch of Penelope more opportune for its young audience, as they stay out of playgrounds and preschools. Penelope already enjoys huge popularity in Japan with loyal fandom both for the animation as well as the merchandise. This particular series is released in different regional languages in India i.e Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi and Kannada.

Little Singham

Discovery Kids launched Little Singham which is an Indian animated kid series where a brave little kid named Little Singham is seen facing adventures as he defends his town from evil. Little Singham is a Make In India superhero series, which is a bold and at-scale attempt by the channel. The series is aired in four languages — English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on Discovery Kids.  This series is also available on Netflix.


Doraemon, a globally famous character of Japanese animation, is a time-travelling robotic cat from the 22nd century on a mission to aid Nobita, a young boy who lacks athletic skills and academic discipline. It is a cartoon series that enhances kids’ imaginations and creativity. It also talks about the power of friendship and love. Doraemon is largely famous in India which is available in regional languages like – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English because of the huge market expansion. It is evident that kids in every Indian household are very much acquainted with this Japanese character and watch the show religiously.


Lamput is an Indian animated television series about a cunning orange nutcase who successfully escapes from a hidden laboratory. It is an entertaining series filled with fun and folly.  It’s one of the few Indian animated series with any international success. This series is airing on Cartoon Network in APAC, EMEA and LATAM. Lamput has also started airing on Boomerang.

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