Label: No Binary Records

Genre: Post Rock/Neo Fusion

Language: Assamese

Written & Performed by: Aswekeepsearching ft. Shankuraj Konwar

Producer: Adhiraj Singh

Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Adhiraj Singh

Artwork – Illustration and layout: Tanaya Sharma

Aswekeepsearching’s new single Ovotaar, made in collaboration with Shankuraj Konwar, marks a key moment in Indian music as it brings together an international band, that has made its mark on the global stage, with a musician who has found immense fame being entirely based in his home state of Assam.

Aswekeepsearching defines themselves as an experimental band who, at a time when artists carefully choose collaborations that suit their image and styles, are setting aside these norms to appreciate the undeniable power of a people’s voice.

Shankuraj and the band shared a stage for the first time at No Binary’s multi-genre festival, FUSEFEST, and are all set to smash barriers of genre and region with Ovotaar, a song calling upon the Almighty to open our minds beyond boundaries.

Lyrically, Ovotaar speaks of a protagonist, praying to the almighty to revisit the human realm in the form of an “avatar” and purge all darkness and chaos therein. The band spent months in a constant effort to get the song to sound just the way every member wanted.

Keeping it with the premise of the track, the artwork of the project depicts the transformative process of a man into a tree, making him the ‘Ovotaar’.

Tanaya Sharma, the artist behind the artwork, said, “Humans today are losing their very essence of life: humanity, letting their souls fall into darkness. On the other hand, nature goes berserk just to purge this darkness. We, humans, seek the light to guide us in this journey and as we learn the insignificance of human life when viewed through the grand lens of the universe, we pray to the avatar to show us the solution to this darkness residing within us. Unknown to us, the key fact that we have forgotten is that the light is within us and all the answers lie at the feet of nature. We are nature, we are the earth, we are the universe and if you want, you can be the Ovotaar to put everything at peace.”

The song is available on streaming platforms and can be found here.

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