Review: The Radio Guy offers a fresh, simple, heart touching storyline
Cover for KC Digital Films' The Radio Guy

Following the success of ‘Arranged’ and ‘Lovebirds’, a popular production house, KC Digital Films is back with ‘The Radio Guy’.

The story revolves around an RJ who decides to dedicate his radio show to deal with life’s issues. In the process, he ends up learning tidbits about life itself.

The film features Sasanka Samir as the RJ in the lead role long with actors Badal Aryan Singha, Hira Neog and Harsh Siddhanta in the cast.

The Radio Guy is conceptualised and directed by Samujjal Kashyap and is written by Harsh Siddhanta. The cinematography and editing of the film have also been done by Samujjal Kashyap along with editor Ambarish Borkotoky.

The title song of the film has been performed by renowned Assamese singer Joi Barua and is composed by Harzeet Diaz, who is also the music director for the short film.

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