Gangtok: It is quite rare that TV serials in India get a story from the northeast. Colors TV channel, however, has a new show ‘Nima Denzongpa’, starring Assamese actor Surabhi Das who appears to be a young girl from Sikkim.

The trailer, released on July 28, exhibits how the protagonist faces racism when she reaches Mumbai. The angle of the story delves into racism. But most from Sikkim have claimed that the trailer of the show itself how North East is not represented properly.

Most have claimed the series to be ‘culturally inappropriate’ while a good number of people have supported the show with comments such as ‘cant wait’.

However, a local YouTuber Sangay Vlogs has created some buzz with her 11-minute long video explaining how the show is ‘culturally inappropriate’. She begins her vlog by correcting the way the title ‘Denzongpa’ is pronounced by the lead actress, highlighting how it is wrong.

Here is how people have reacted to her vlog on YouTube.

Elsewhere on the Instagram page of Colours TV, the local reaction from Sikkim is harsher. Here are some reactions.

Most have claimed how a local actress from Sikkim rather than Assam could have done more justice to the story, highlighting the culturally inappropriate representation of a Nepali girl in Netflix’s NorthEast drama Axone or the widely popular Priyanka Chopra’s biopic on MC Mary Kom, a few years ago.

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