South Korean boy band BTS appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show for a remote interview in the episode airing Tuesday. Later on, the superstar group performed the hit “Permission To Dance.”  

They will also perform chart-topping smash “Butter” on Wednesday’s episode. 

Soon after the BTS interview, the network aired videos of the broadcast. Here are some clips of the show: 

Later, Jimmy Fallon acknowledged that he knows more about BTS than Ed Sheeran. When BTS inquired about collaborating with him, he joked, “If you’d like to work in the Butter category, I can cover the entire dairy aisle,” and asked them to let him know.  “So maybe we’ll eat cheesecake or cereal…” RM replied ironically.

BTS members replied to Jimmy Fallon regarding meeting Ed Sheeran, saying, “PTD is actually a gift from one of our friends, Ed Sheeran … Respect and big love to him.”. Please stay tuned for more information regarding the Permission to Dance challenge and YouTube shorts. PTD let’s go… We can’t believe that we haven’t met him yet. This is the second project with him but we never met him yet.”

While the audience cheered loudly during their concert, RM said, “This is what we want and this is what we will feel when we return to tours. We want to make some noise again.”

A newly released song from k-pop group BTS called ‘Permission to Dance’ has fans raving. All over the world, BTS’ music is appreciated regardless of language barriers, race, region, or orientation. 

The BTS fans expressed their excitement for the upcoming show on Jimmy Fallon’s show “The Tonight Show” by tweeting with hashtag #BTSonFallon :

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